Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fell On Ice And I hurt A Lot

  That long flight sure takes a toll on me. We got here early last night and checked the stored car and it would not start due to a bendix not holding. All else looked OK, so we went to get milk and two subs for dinner. I heard an alarm bleeping when I got out of the rental car, not blaring like last year. I went inside and entered the code and it quit. The message said unit has failed, call support ASAP. Well that was just dandy.

  The house was still clean and we had an abundance of spiders. We have never had spiders, but there were no roaches, flying things etc, perhaps they are good to have around. Kathy cleaned the Cabana today and found two dead lizards and one dead white frog. No other bugs found except what was in spider webs which she tore down. Hope those spiders do not gang up on me for that.

  The back yard (20X25)  is a jungle and will take a lot of work to clean up.

  The temps were in the high 80's with 100% humidity today and that is supposed to change to mid 70's tonight for the next week or so.

  I played with the car starter and the bendix started working like it should and I aired the tires up and had the oil changed. Then I drove it around for a while and Kathy drove it to the airport where I had returned the rental van. It is still doing fine so far with 207, 457 miles on it. We are starting to consider a replacement car just in case this one dies someday. 

  Now for the bad news.... On the day we left I was running the three errands that were held until the end. It was mid 20's F light rain and about 4 inches of ice on ground. I was wearing good Winter boots but I fell face first onto the ice. I am still in pain and my foot is being a real problem and my knee is second. The hands and elbows are sore and the bang on my head may still be a problem. Kathy is taking me to a hospital tomorrow to be checked out. It was a hard fast crash and has hurt a lot. I got skinned up and big bruises abound. I left Alaska a day late from my point of view.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Armistice Day

  One hundred years ago Armistice Day happened and WWI the war of wars was over. As we now know, it was not the war to end all wars as was hoped. 

  This is also Veterans Day to thank all who served in the military.

  It is also the date I chose to end my working for money at 11 AM. I wanted a time my feeble mind would remember so 11-11-11 at 11 am was when I quit the rat race. Today marks seven years not working and having more money and time to spend enjoying life.

  We went to the free meal offered by Texas Road House and the food was very good. I thank them and all the other places who offer a free meal to Vets on this day.

  I am about half packed and we only have to return our library books and internet modem before our neighbor takes us to the airport for our flight to Orlando.

Book I should have read and studied before my last flight

  This last week I had lunch with the seven people I stay in touch within Alaska. I know a few more but they were not available. So my goodbyes for this year are complete.

 Our beautiful snow is now like mashed potatoes as the temps have left the teens and pushing 40 tonight. It is 35 degrees right now and rain is in the forecast. yea.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Snow Squeaks Now

  Yesterday was a fun time playing with Cliff out at his very nice heated hanger. It will still be a while before his 1957 C-172 is ready to fly with its new O-360 180hp engine. He decided to go to all glass panel in this old bird and there is a lot of sensors to wire up. He suspects it will fly again next June.

 I enjoyed relearning how to rivet correctly and set about 30 rivets in his cowling. I may get to finish the job on Saturday if all works out. I have not done this type of work since I owned two airplanes. 

 My Doc appointment went OK and then got our votes cast without a line. We had dinner with our friends tonight and that was fun also. 

A much-improved airbox over what I had on my planes

 It has been too cold for me to enjoy going shooting, so I think that is over for 2018. The helicopter is still frozen, so next year for that also.

Enjoyed a concert 

 I think I have two lunches with old friends and an afternoon at the air museum left to do this week. Then a haircut and pack my suitcase. 

CD Rates 11-7-2018, getting worth using again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

14 Degrees & Two Trick or Treaters

  The two kids who braved the cold to make it down our street got 4x the candy from me. I sure do not need to eat all I bought. This is the first year we have not had at least 6 groups of kids. Guess the kids know this is geezer street.  It is forecast to be single digits overnight with a low of four.

  Kathy and the neighbors went for a walk behind the house on this sunny 20-degree day. They looked like artic trekkers as they went into the woods. I chose to stay inside and hold my lazyboy down. I had been outside already and knew how icy it had become and wanted nothing to do with a walk.

 The helicopter I fly is covered with ice and there is hope that high temps and rain forecast for Sunday will set it free. Time will tell if I get up again.

 Both vans are in our garage and all is ready for a cold Winter at the home. We still have until 2200hrs on 12 November to enjoy this cold and snow and then storm and rain and ice that follows.

 We have two concerts left to hear and a few lunch farewells with friends before we leave. I also have one Doc appointment to go to. Time was zipping by and is now slowing to a crawl in my mind, no idea why. Then again my mind is a strange place.

 UPDATE: TV poll says 78% of people polled had zero or way less trick or treaters this Halloween.

17 degrees too cold for me

  Today the helicopter ride canceled again and I suspect my flights are over for the year. The news reported over 250 cars had slick street accidents. So we did a little driving today to see a movie and do the library and tiny shopping. It should warm up to freezing over the weekend. I still have to put the Fawcett covers on and then will be done with outside. Both vans are in the garage and for the first time, I am leaving them needing an oil change. 

  It has always been my habit to change the oil in all engines before leaving them for 6 months. This year I put the mower away with old oil and then the newer FWD minivan and now thinking of doing the same with the AWD minivan. So oil changes will be needed when we get back.

  I got an email today confirming my flight in a P-51D Mustang when I get to Florida. They still cost $3350 for an hour. We spent some time on the phone getting reservations corrected and confirmed. This planning takes a lot of work.

  It appears we will not spend much time at all in our Florida Cabana. There are many resorts and mini trips planned and about 20 nights in the old camper on the beach in Oceanside California. Should be quite a fun winter.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2018

4 inches of White Heavy Snow

  The snow did come all day Sunday and through the night. Auto body shop owners are so happy I am sure. The first snow usually has over 100 crashes on the nightly news and with this being the Monday commute perhaps more. A lot of people forget how to drive on the ice during the Summer and we get a lot of new people up here each year who have never driven on snow or ice. 

 Update: just over 6 inches snow at home AND 6:30 news says over 100 accidents responded to by police. The total will be high.

  Our plan is to stay at home where it is nice and warm.

  We have 14 nights to sleep up here before Florida.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Too Windy To Fly Today

  I awoke early and thought for sure I would be up in a helicopter in the mountains behind my home today. A phone call canceled that planned event. The pilot I fly with had just got down from a flight and said he was not going up again today because of bad turbulence above 800 feet. He will go up with me next week sometime, even though it will be colder. 

  A new high temp was set yesterday but it is 37 degrees at 7 PM and this storm is bringing colder temps with it. SNOW is finally in the forecast for tomorrow although it should not stick.

Update: 30 degrees at ten PM. Had a bear on our deck tonight also.

  I had spent Thursday with an old coworker who is now doing a better job of adjusting to life without a job. He will be flying down to warmer states to visit his daughter for a few weeks and that should help him disconnect also. Slipping into retirement requires planning for activities also.

  We still have 17 nights before we sleep in Florida for the Winter. Sure hope things start out better for me than last year.

  Before December 1st will be 59 years old and my middle brother 66 and my oldest brother will be 73. As a kid, I thought my uncles were ready to be put out to pasture at these ages. Kinda funny how thoughts change as we grow older.

  Yesterday I sighted in a new scope on my plinking rifle. It will put 4 rounds into a 1/2 inch square at 100 yards. It is just a cheap fixed 9X scope and great for plinking. I had to wear thermal underwear for that activity.

 That is all we have been up to lately.