Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Lot of Warm Sunny Days

   This is a pic of our new mall just outside the gate of JBER. We were flying over Debar road on our final approach to land at Merrill field in Anchorage. It had been a fun ride to see how much the Knik Glacier had moved down and it appears to be about 100 feet before it crashed into a granite mountain. So much for the fun to fly down slot with blue on one side and water under and black rock on other side. I had been through it hundreds of times, but now it is gone.  I will ask around and see if it moved during the big Earthquake or just moved slowly.

  The weather is warm and sunny for the next 10 days and we had our first wild fire yesterday in the valley behind our house. The airplanes were on it quick and got it contained to 25 acres and the ground guys are making sure it stays out. It was a very low snow year and fire danger is very high right now.

Flew at 2000 feet and killed a lot of bugs on windshield and wings

  We are still happy and healthy and auto gas is now $ 2.36 a gallon.

  May it be a safe weekend for everyone. 


  1. Since you like taking photos and blogging you might try something I did for the past couple of months on my other wordpress blog ... I'd not say anything longer than a sentence or two and post 4-6 photos. There would be less chance of jealous readers getting their panties in a wad. :) Yet, I like reading your content and loved reading about all the trips you did. Glad you're back.

  2. Who cares about jealous readers. They could do it if they would simplify and take the risk.