Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Thunderstorm in Anchorage!

Started my day by sleeping in, enjoying the Sun

  Today was beautiful and sunny as we went down town for a local play. No charge to park on weekends and we found a place easy to remember where we left the car.

This guy watched our car for us

  There were very few people downtown, felt kinda odd. This place is a zoo in the Summer.

No photos allowed in the play, but this is the set. Great show

A lot of solar panels facing South

  We had diner at a place we both love and then made the half mile walk back to where we had left our car. It is good to walk after a big meal. Then we noticed the weather had changed big time.

Rain, Lightning and booming thunder, oh my

  Heavy rain and lighting are very rare in Anchorage. Most years do not have any. 

The thunder scared this guy also
  The lightning started a small fire, but the fire department got it under control quickly. It was a drive home in very heavy rain and now it is sunny outside again.

  Remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Also be safe in your travels.

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