Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zippy had to walk

RMNP snow sculpture for 100 years of NPS 

   Been walking my feet off, sure a change from yesterday. I did a confirmed 4 miles and then more, that should have worked off my morning blueberry muffin. 

  I walked so far, they sent the Hounds out to find me.

Target Acquired and Confirmed 

  I did not take a pic, but this guy laid across my feet to stop my walk. Who am I to disagree?

  It was a great day for a drive and a walk, nice temps, breeze and NO BUGS.

The lake is very low for the start of Summer
  This is the drinking water source for Anchorage and other towns.....A man drowned here last week and they have not found his body. Good thing they filter the water...or do they?

  This is a nice place to walk, no plane noise, no road noise, just beautiful views.

Butterflies of many colors were enjoying the day also

This Thrush looked very nice

  Another fun day on Planet Earth


  1. It always adds quality to a blog post when a hound is involved. Great photos, plus a interesting question about your water supply filters.

  2. AH, new blog. Why? Love the bassets!! Keep up the walking.