Friday, June 24, 2016

Camera arrived

  After traveling across the USA, the Nikon I ordered made it here and had no dents in the box.  It came with two high speed 32 Gig SDHC memory chips and a five year drop or spill warranty. Sure wish I had that warranty on my first one.

D 7200 on left and D 50 on right

They look almost the same, but the D 7200 weighs about four times more as did my D 50.

  I was happy to have it in my hands and charged the battery and installed the two memory chips and put my 16-300 Tamron lens on it. After setting date and time, I took one pic of my cat to make sure it worked. All appears good so far.

  We went to library and got DVD movie Zootopia. It is a well made and fun to watch cartoon mystery.  We also picked up a new book by Stephen King called End Of Watch and also got Finders Keepers so I can re read it first. This is a group of three that started with Mr Mercedes.  So....I will be up all night reading once again.

  Light drizzle and 58 degrees here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finally bought a new camera body

Lake is much fuller now

  Not a lot been going on, bike rides, walks, home cooked meals and movies from  library.  Auto gas was $ 2.39 today. Solstice was cloudy at our house, but it has been clear skies since. 

  The power company sent a couple guys to our house to replace our smart meter with a new and improved LTE cell phone meter, The old one required a truck with special wi fi to drive through the neighborhood, Now that guy or girl can do something else. A computer driven system will call my new meter's phone number and it will report power used. This is a high tech and kinda neat system. 

  I decided to buy a new camera body ( since I broke my Nikon D 7100 trying to fix it ). It had been planned for a long time and Amazon had it on sale. We are doing our yearly trip to Denver for the 4th of July and I thought it would be nice to have along. This nearly manual D 50 is driving me nuts with the mistakes I make. I set it up for a shot, but forget to set it back to default. I have missed a few shots now and that pushed me back to a computer operated DSLR.

  It shipped from Oregon to LA and then to Atlanta. It shows it is en route to Anchorage now. This must make sense to FedEx, but seems crazy to me. 

  I will use my Tamron 16-300mm lens on it also.

  Next post will have pic from new Nikon, I hope.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Smoking Hot Day

  This was confirmed by NOAA, Why did I pick today to mow the yard?

  At least it stays cool in my 'man cave'. I heard a girl say she could not sleep because it was too hot in her apartment. I think a lot of people are having that problem tonight. Mid 80's day after day is not fun.

  Most homes up here do not have an air conditioner, since it normally stays somewhat chilly here in the Summer. 

  It should get cloudy by the weekend and rain on Sunday, hope it does.

  Wifey spent the afternoon at a wine and cheese art show, with her friend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Enjoyed Sunny Visit to Seward AK

  For three weeks now, we have been having one picnik lunch in Turnagan Pass on a sunny day. This time we got a wild hair and knowing Seward was going to have great weather also, booked a room.

  We checked in to the resort and then went for a walk on the water front. I always look at RV's as we walk and knowing ' Going RV Way' was in Seward, I was not amazed to find them. They were set up on the water front and I said "Zippy saying Hi", they were happy to meet us. After a while ( I talk a lot ) we continued our walk. Then it was diner and chill out time in our comfy room.

She was running and  never tripped, amazing
  Today was more walking, then lunch at Christo's and then a lot more hike type walking at Exit Glacier.

This smart thief with the boiled shrimp was not even noticed by the people preparing their diner.

This man from Germany, really did a wild adventure since he just retired

Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Tractor Pics Tonight

  I hope anyone looking at this post, finds interest in old tractors.

D 7 Cat with air compressor on front

Fuel filters and 4 cly injector pump on right

2 cly inline pony starting motor on left side, hand crank on top of hood

2 cly air compressor

Pony motor is yellow in this pic and has crank in front

  The pony engine ran on easy to start gas. The exhaust from it went into the diesel intake manifold to heat it and the cooling water went into the head of the diesel to heat it. After spinning the diesel for ten minutes with the exhaust valves held open, it was loose and warm enough to start. The exhaust valves closed and the engine roared to life, with a giant puff of smoke. I sure miss that.

Chain drive Kenworth Truck


John Deere 420-C bull dozier 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Of The Parade

  I thought I had seen it all.....Then Smokey on a Unicycle.

 Hope you enjoyed the pics.