Friday, June 24, 2016

Camera arrived

  After traveling across the USA, the Nikon I ordered made it here and had no dents in the box.  It came with two high speed 32 Gig SDHC memory chips and a five year drop or spill warranty. Sure wish I had that warranty on my first one.

D 7200 on left and D 50 on right

They look almost the same, but the D 7200 weighs about four times more as did my D 50.

  I was happy to have it in my hands and charged the battery and installed the two memory chips and put my 16-300 Tamron lens on it. After setting date and time, I took one pic of my cat to make sure it worked. All appears good so far.

  We went to library and got DVD movie Zootopia. It is a well made and fun to watch cartoon mystery.  We also picked up a new book by Stephen King called End Of Watch and also got Finders Keepers so I can re read it first. This is a group of three that started with Mr Mercedes.  So....I will be up all night reading once again.

  Light drizzle and 58 degrees here.


  1. Your new camera looks way too complicated for me. Bummer that it weighs so much more. Wonder why they had to do that? Loved Zootopia! So cute. We laughed our heads off at the Sloths working for the DMV. SO TRUE. The folks who wrote this had a great time with the story and the characters, a policewoman bunny named Hopp. HA!

    1. The D-7200 is the exact same as the D-7100 I dropped, except for more advanced electronics on the mother board. They are made of metal and water ( proof ). Most cameras including my D-50 are plastic and not water proof at all. They are semi pro cameras but take DX photos not FX photos. A lot of movies are shot with them, as they excel at that.

      That Zootopia is a feel good movie for sure, we enjoyed it. You are right on with the DMV scene, we were laughing our buns off on how they picked Sloths to work there. Great story for young and old.

  2. I look forward to your photos with the new camera ... it looks like a great one.

    1. Thanks
      I had planned to hold off longer on replacing my D-7100 I dropped, but decided the sale price was too good to pass. I had been considering a D-3300 or D-5200, but then would have to learn all controls again. This is a D-7100, with electronic improvements, all controls the same. I plan to use it in Rocky Mountain Nat Park and Dinosaur Nat Park and of course Steam Boat. My nephew is being relocated to someplace in the boondocks of Canada, across Lake Huron from Michigan. I doubt we will see him for a few years.

      As for shopping Amazon Prime. ( on repeats here ) I look up item I want and read all about it and add to cart, then a day or so later remove from cart. I do this several times with same item over a few months. Then perhaps it is just a fluke, but they send an email saying they have 10 or 20 or 50 units just like I have been looking at for a tremendous savings, first come first served. I was online and read email and bought with one click. My whole purchase was just under $ 1K. Who knows it may even get cheaper, but I have it now.
      Thanks. Did you give up on trying a Tamron 16-300? It has been a great lens so far and is very light. No lens creep yet ether, have not used 16mm lock yet. I am very happy with mine. Better than NIKOR.