Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Enjoyed Sunny Visit to Seward AK

  For three weeks now, we have been having one picnik lunch in Turnagan Pass on a sunny day. This time we got a wild hair and knowing Seward was going to have great weather also, booked a room.

  We checked in to the resort and then went for a walk on the water front. I always look at RV's as we walk and knowing ' Going RV Way' was in Seward, I was not amazed to find them. They were set up on the water front and I said "Zippy saying Hi", they were happy to meet us. After a while ( I talk a lot ) we continued our walk. Then it was diner and chill out time in our comfy room.

She was running and  never tripped, amazing
  Today was more walking, then lunch at Christo's and then a lot more hike type walking at Exit Glacier.

This smart thief with the boiled shrimp was not even noticed by the people preparing their diner.

This man from Germany, really did a wild adventure since he just retired


  1. Are the springers near the water yours? Becki

    1. No they are not ours. I saw they were beautiful and having fun playing together.

      Thanks for leaving a comment

  2. Looks like the sun is going to be out on Friday too, so we are planning to head to Exit Glacier and enjoy the view ourselves. Nice meeting you Zippy, glad you all had a safe drive back home.

  3. Thanks
    The Glacier view pullout is being rebuilt, so slow and view glacier from road. It is not visible form park, unless you take a fairly hard walk up and then down. There is a visitor center and a nice paved walk, but no view of glacier now. Kinda amazing how it was visible in the 1990's, but now hidden by big rock. They have year signs to show where face was at that time, kinda cool. The valley views are worth the drive anyway.
    Enjoy all the mountains now, as the drive to Homer is kinda flat.