Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finally bought a new camera body

Lake is much fuller now

  Not a lot been going on, bike rides, walks, home cooked meals and movies from  library.  Auto gas was $ 2.39 today. Solstice was cloudy at our house, but it has been clear skies since. 

  The power company sent a couple guys to our house to replace our smart meter with a new and improved LTE cell phone meter, The old one required a truck with special wi fi to drive through the neighborhood, Now that guy or girl can do something else. A computer driven system will call my new meter's phone number and it will report power used. This is a high tech and kinda neat system. 

  I decided to buy a new camera body ( since I broke my Nikon D 7100 trying to fix it ). It had been planned for a long time and Amazon had it on sale. We are doing our yearly trip to Denver for the 4th of July and I thought it would be nice to have along. This nearly manual D 50 is driving me nuts with the mistakes I make. I set it up for a shot, but forget to set it back to default. I have missed a few shots now and that pushed me back to a computer operated DSLR.

  It shipped from Oregon to LA and then to Atlanta. It shows it is en route to Anchorage now. This must make sense to FedEx, but seems crazy to me. 

  I will use my Tamron 16-300mm lens on it also.

  Next post will have pic from new Nikon, I hope.


  1. Nikon D 7200. It is large frame and heavy like D 7100 I dropped and broke.

  2. I well know the frustrations of forgetting to 're-set' camera settings. Happens to me on a daily basis and despite using my cameras most every day I can never seem to remember to change the settings to fit the shooting conditions. My right leg is a whole 18 inches longer than my left leg from having to continuously kick myself in the ass every day. And this has been going on for years!!

    1. Thanks
      As you have been my inspiration in DSLR photography. I never got into photo shop as you well know. My pics are as they come from camera, sometimes crop is done, but that is all. I thought I could get back into the D 50, but will go back to using it to play with macro.

      Nice to hear I am not only one to miss great shot due to speed, ISO or aperture.

  3. That route is ridiculous. Think of the fuel wasted to send from west to south east and THEN to Alaska. I am unimpressed FedX Although I’m very impressed that you can use a D7200. I’m not smart enough for that.

    1. I think FedEx has a Hub-Leg system. Bring everything into master hub and sort to go out destination leg. In other words, they can't ship from Oregon to Alaska. The box arrived in excellent condition and have battery on charge now.
      As for camera...I have used a Nikon D 7100 since we retired. it is computer driven and ' auto' is amazing. I broke mine in Ecuador and could not bring myself to spending what it cost to fix or replace. Now we are going to our last 4th in Steam Boat with nephew Dave and I wanted a new D 7100 to get great pics again. I got email from Amazon about screaming deal on a D 7200. It is exact same camera with new mother board from professional series camera. So all controls are same and only difference is faster focus, more pics per second, better multi point focus for movies, extreme ISO range and blue tooth / wi fi is built in so no dangle required anymore. In other words a D 7100 at less cost. I love those quick deals, when I am online and need the item.