Sunday, June 5, 2016

Met politician, while singing Elect Trump

  A bird saw our Kitty and swooped in to scare him......smacked our new window. The bird must have seen a reflection at last moment, as it spread it's wings to stop and hit chest first. Poop went all over the window and it bounced off and fell to ground. After some hops and head shakes, the Robin flew away. Mr Kitty went flying, tearing carpet along the way to hiding from the bird, sure glad he did not poop also. Well it took two days for an accident....Sherry was correct.

  It was a mellow inside day for me, even though it was a sunny 72 with light breeze. Just spent day watching movies etc. 

 Yesterday we had taken a long sight seeing ride in the old Fiero. There was a mild hike in there also.

  I noticed someone walking up our driveway today. I started for the door and saw it was a local Democratic politician, I had spoken with many times before. SO.....I went into our arctic entry ( 10 foot hallway for Winter use ) then I started singing loudly Elect Trump! Elect Trump! Save The USA! I saw through the window, he had started laughing, then I opened the door. He said I was the best yet today. We had a fun chat and had same views, so he will get our vote.


  1. We've had several birds smash into our windows this spring. I think they've been eating too many hemp seeds.

    1. Thanks for the laugh
      Perhaps something is off this year, the tweeties came and went this spring and we now have Thrusts hanging out. We have never seen one here and there are a lot of them. The birds always seem to be the first to show change. Thanks for commenting.