Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mr Poppy and new windows

1st Poppy to bloom in 2016

  I love Poppies, such a beautiful flower and so quick to fall apart. I shot this pic on the morning it bloomed. He has 27 buddies, so hopefully they will look as nice.

Out active retired neighbors off for another adventure

  It was an up early day for the Capital Glass window guys. Our neighbors liked that they replace the double pane glass in the wood frames we all have. The house faces South and all those windows had fogged since the house was built in 1978. They came and measured and gave cost, we said YES!

  The window guys were quick and did a great job. Now it appears we have no glass, sure that will not last long. We did not have our windows cleaned last year, so the view is impressive.

A Poppy shot through new window

  I replaced the leaking heater core in our Fiero today and went for a nice 75 mile drive with the windows down and the heat on high. It sure felt nice as I drove to Girdwood and back.


  1. Love poppies. They are so intense. Wonder if that's why they burn out so quickly? Could be a lesson there. Very impressive picture through that new glass. Hope nobody tries to walk or fly through it.

  2. Thanks for comment.
    We have to keep a front or rear curtain closed to save birds since we moved here. They see a path and fly full speed into a window and die.
    For the first time, the poppies are are pacing themselves and blooming one week apart. No idea why, since they always would bloom in about four days in past years. They have come up each year since 1979, hope this is not the end. I have never been able to get a seed to sprout. I guess they are hybrid plants.