Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Tractor Pics Tonight

  I hope anyone looking at this post, finds interest in old tractors.

D 7 Cat with air compressor on front

Fuel filters and 4 cly injector pump on right

2 cly inline pony starting motor on left side, hand crank on top of hood

2 cly air compressor

Pony motor is yellow in this pic and has crank in front

  The pony engine ran on easy to start gas. The exhaust from it went into the diesel intake manifold to heat it and the cooling water went into the head of the diesel to heat it. After spinning the diesel for ten minutes with the exhaust valves held open, it was loose and warm enough to start. The exhaust valves closed and the engine roared to life, with a giant puff of smoke. I sure miss that.

Chain drive Kenworth Truck


John Deere 420-C bull dozier 


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    1. Thanks.
      I went with full memory chip ( my bad ). I will go back, there is a Model T, with an after market 4 cly magneto driven by wide chain from that breaker cam under the cover you showed in a post. Amazing all the mods made for that engine.