Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shooting M1A1

Sighting in 1954 M1A1 new never used

  Most folks think of the M-14 and left over M-1 Garand as rifles used in the Korean War. A lot of solders were issued the M1A1 which did not have the full auto selector. It was a better rifle, as full auto was not very useful. It shoots the 7.62 NATO which is a short 30-06. The recoil is low enough to sight in on paper without flinching, not much anyway.

Beautiful rifle with Garand style action, but has detachable 10 round mag 
A  Garand style action
   We both belong to the Police range and he brought along his son. I was myself and wore a Orange t shirt to show my support to " Stop Gun Violence ". Yes I did get some comments. Silly me never grew up.

Gas tube, bayonet mount and muzzle brake

It has the shoulder support and cleaning kit in the stock

  It was a beautiful sunny day and just great to be at a range with only two other shooters. It made it easy to change targets. 

  I wanted a pic of me, BUT..... Pete said it would be wrong to show me with a blank target with one round in the center bullseye, at 100 yards. "Chode, that was a 3 shot group and only one is even on the target".

Update: With sore bruised shoulder today....Pete was correct, I flinched on my last two shots. The gun is dead on accurate now.

  I will be out there a lot, my skills have gone stale. It is fun and cheap entertainment.


  1. I seem to recall our FNC1 barrels looking like that at the end of the barrel. That was in my Navy days about 51 years ago.

  2. I did not know of those, so spent some fun time educating myself. That is a great FN rifle used by Canada military and shoots same round 7.62 x 51 NATO.
    Thanks for giving me something fun to do again.