Friday, June 17, 2016

Smoking Hot Day

  This was confirmed by NOAA, Why did I pick today to mow the yard?

  At least it stays cool in my 'man cave'. I heard a girl say she could not sleep because it was too hot in her apartment. I think a lot of people are having that problem tonight. Mid 80's day after day is not fun.

  Most homes up here do not have an air conditioner, since it normally stays somewhat chilly here in the Summer. 

  It should get cloudy by the weekend and rain on Sunday, hope it does.

  Wifey spent the afternoon at a wine and cheese art show, with her friend.


  1. Ha! I'd be thrilled with mid 80's. Try mid 90's. Although IF it's humid, mid 80's might need AC but without humidity, it's fine for me.

  2. I guess you would be fine, very low humidity up here. Since we have lived here so long, 90's is hard on us. Our home is still comfortable and staying at 64 degrees down stairs. We just stayed up until 2 AM and bedroom was 70 and now 66 degrees. We both slept well, but if this clear sky goes on a few more days, we will be sleeping on the air mattress in the man cave.
    Thanks for comment