Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Small Town Parade

  Today looked gloomy, but we enjoyed the Palmer Pioneers Day Parade. The drizzle had ceased by the time it started at 11:00 Hrs. It started with a beautiful Model T Ford and then Fire trucks and police etc. Then the Antique Tractor Club had about twenty tractors. There were floats and acrobats and horse riders and much much more. It reminded of the pride we have seen in small towns in Colorado and California, very nice to see.

  Passing out candy to small kids seems to be expected, I got a caramel pop.  Guess I had a kid look to me.

  Tractors pulling trailers and floats.

  The newer tractors pulled people, the old hand clutch guys had all they could handle anyway.

Happy Ford 8N driver / owner

  I skipped a lot of tractors, but will end on my friend on a Farmall H.

Cliff responded to my " Hey Cliffie "

  Thanks to all who made this a grand parade. I only showed about 1/25 or less of the parade, it was great.


  1. Small town parades are great. We always went to ours too but we had no where near the number of tractors you had. WOW! Everyone in town must own one. Love that convertible in your first picture. What year is that? It's obviously not the Model T.

  2. Sorry I do not know about the car. My Model T pics had too many heads in it, so I moved closer to shorter people. I will do another parade post tonight with other things seen.
    Thank You for the comment.