Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Been a Long Warm Dry Spell

AWACS air traffic control plane

  Yellow Jackets in the news and under my front porch. I used to check for bears before going outside, now I have to look out for stinging insects. Per experts interviewed by local TV, it was a mild Winter that did not kill enough Queens and so Alaska is overrun by wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. "Now...isn't that special."
Blue Dragonfly?

  I was amazed by sold out stores and pest control guys not answering phones. I knew I had at least four nests, but just thought it was because I almost live in a forest. Then I find they are a big problem all over. Have not been stung yet, but they put out more guards each day. Kinda reminds me of the Cold War. I have a can of spray, yet want them to live in peace and they have hundreds of solders armed with stingers....what will it take to go to war?
F-22 Raptor fighter jet

  They are not happy with all the helicopters passing over ( big fire in state park on Seward Hwy. ) 

Honey bee doing the pollinating thing

  The house has stayed at about 68 degrees for this heat wave. That is very comfy for sleeping and anything else indoors. The outside temps have been high 70's to low 80's in the afternoon. The night temps have been mid 50's. However night is very short this time of year.

I just love UFO pics
  I have been doing a lot of reading, Stephen King's  Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers and now almost finished with End of Watch. It has been a fun way to pass time. Kathy still doing productive things like binge watching  Orange is the New Black. That is all for this week.

F-16 Falcon fighter jet


  1. Wasn't cold enough in Alaska and it's extreme heat everywhere in the lower 48 other than Maine it seems. Wonder when we are going to get the message. Can you order your military defense against the stingers on line? I'd be afraid to go outside at all given how I react to being stung. Hope they don't find a way into the house.

  2. Brave wifey has smashed the 10 or so that have wondered inside to bang their heads on a window. There is a fake chimney for air flow and it does not have a small screen, suspect that is how they wonder inside. I never thought to check online for military defense, that is a great comment.

    I am on the fence for a reason, but yes weather has changed big time in Alaska since 2005. Perhaps it is just a cycle?

  3. Well we all wish but personally I don't think it's a cycle, I think it's climate chaos and will only be getting worse since we refuse to address the issue seriously.