Friday, July 1, 2016

Nikon D 7200 Awesome

  I am having a blast with this replacement for my broken D 7100.  They both use the exact same body and buttons and use same lens. I quickly discovered they are very different animals and I had to use the manual to set it up. 

  It will take a great picture in candle light since it has insane ISO ability. In daylight the auto focus is many times better and quicker and shutter speeds run 1/8000 or so. This blows away the D 7100. 

  For now I am using best setting in AUTO, most pics about 14Mb, That allows a lot of cropping as is seen in the header pic. I was using a Tamron lens at 16 mm and snapped this fool risking his life. He was tiny in the picture, but with so many pixels I was able to get that shot.

  While it has all the same switches and buttons, they have different uses now. Takes some getting used to. It uses same battery etc.

  It feels like we have been here a week already. We enjoyed two concerts, I went flight seeing which was very fun. The pilot was very knowledgeable about local lakes and mountains and took me to see cool places.

  We have got lost and discovered not to ask stoned dudes for directions. I am pro pot, but just not used to knowing who is stoned and who is not. I used road noise and Sun position to find a bus stop and then all was good again.

  Been enjoying great food and seeing places I have not seen before. Sunny days that end with thunder storms so far. 



  1. That's a great picture. You caught it just right. Glad you love your camera wish I had the patience to read manuals and learn how to use one like that.