Friday, July 22, 2016

Thankfully Rain

Wednesday 7-20-2016 

  We are stuck in a rut, but I like it. Each week is a dollar 10 AM movie, a picnic in a beautiful remote area and a 4 or 5 mile walk at a mountain lake. That is a good rut to be in, for us anyway. Enjoying the sunny days and getting some fun exercise.

The water level has risen quite a bit this week

  My neighbor will take a look at my deck nest tomorrow when he has his bee suit on to take care of a nest in his deck. May not be possible to get ours, it is kinda hidden. Hope there is not a yellow jacket sting post tomorrow.

Friday 7-22-2016
  Finally the never ending Sun is hidden behind clouds and rain! We enjoyed every sunny day, but the fire was getting HUGE and helicopters were not quite enough. It is not out, but has slowed down with the temps in the 50's and light rain. 

Young Bull Moose Runs back to woods after urban venture

  The cold war with the yellow jackets under our porch outside our front door is over. They were too aggressive for my neighbor. Lucky for me, a place I called on Monday called me back to see if I still needed help. YES!

  He was dressed for battle and he asked what I had done to make them so angry. 

  Now you can see why my nest needed a professional dressed for battle. They charge $ 100 per nest. Totally worth it for those guys, as they say in real estate...location location location.  


  1. There's nothing like a pissed off yellow jacket. Well worth the money spent to solve that problem. Sounds like to me you have a pretty nice rut to be in.

  2. Thanks Steve. I kinda wonder sometimes if we are doing all we can. My friend said to me if we did any more, it would be like a job.

    Sure glad the pest guy called to check on me. The nest was the size of a cantaloupe and had several hundred solders to gather food and protect the colony.

    1. With that many I can see them flying in formation. I just went through one of those periods wondering about what I was doing, therefore didn't blog at all. It was just recently my old workaholic traits tried to float to the surface but I enjoy doing what most people consider 'nothing' everyday. It sure beats worthless meetings and office politics.

    2. As a kid on the farm, I was happy driving tractors and no talking to anyone for a week or more. The on the work treadmill, you get used to office politics etc. I then moved to a shift with just me. It helped me be happy reading and learning new things etc. Now I can spend days reading a book and be very content. Summer is our low spending time anyway, bike rides, walks, hikes and parades all are free.

  3. I like your rut a lot, especially the hikes and someone else packing the picnic. Don't think I could have waited as long as you did to get those yellow jackets. Wonder what chemicals they use?

  4. No idea on professional quality spray. It is instant killer though, gasoline kill like that also. I suspect some light distillate, but just a guess. If I find out, I will post answer.