Sunday, August 28, 2016

NIKE site tour

Missile tracking RADAR high wind enclosure 

  My friend Cliff had taken this tour after a friend took it and liked it. So he told me about it and Pete and I went on the tour on a wonderful sunny afternoon. It was from 2 pm to 5 pm and very enjoyable to do. They provide water and some snacks and a lot of information.

Pic of man from 1968 at this site, he aged a bit and still likes it here

  The tour guide above was a dog handler back in the day. That is him in the pic on the wall in the kennel where he shows you around. A lot of guys who worked there stayed in Alaska and now volunteer their time to explain what it was like to live there.

  It has been a lot of streaming TV for me lately and two one mile walks or one fast 1.7 mile walk each day. The long fast one breaks a sweat and zaps my energy for the rest of the day. I started PT last week and I think they can whip me back into shape. I now weigh 216 pounds and can tell my size is changing a bit. My so called goal is 195 Lbs, but that may not happen. It would be nice to stay under 200 for the rest of my life.

  Kathy is making nice and yummy meals for me. I have never gone hungry and have not had any feeling for rebellion. Lucky for me, she has slowly got me to eat well at home. She is watching out for me and I need that.

  I drove my friend Ken and his wife to the airport for their vacation this week also. So life is kinda back to normal except for 4 bottles of water and 10 pills each day. I was a heavy soda pop drinker before, doing OK so far on that. I have now been completely sober 32 days, that is going OK so far also.
Mt Denali today

  Tonight Wifey says I need to quit streaming TV and stick to the book I am reading, since I have used 132Gig of the 150 Gig allowed until the 4th. She has several good movies to watch from the library and they are free DVDs. 

  Other than that, not a lot going on

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Decided to forego free hotdog

  We decided to cancel hotel reservation and forego the drive to Fairbanks for a free hotdog this year. It had become an annual tradition, but with my forced diet change, it is a no go. Wifey most concerned with travel so far with not enough time for artery to heal. I technically have five more days before trying anything like that.

  I have been eating all I want and still staying within the sodium and fat guidelines. Lots of water and 10 pills a day is getting old, but must make it a normal habit. I can't play with cat now, as he has sharp claws and my old blood was 50 weight and now is 5 weight. A tiny claw puncture and you would think I had been stabbed.

    Today on one of my three short walks, I took a camera. A neighbor was having a tree and trunk removed from his yard.
They had traveled the USA and Canada in this years ago, now just Alaska

  Otherwise watching movies on Amazon that I enjoy. I liked ' American Ultra ' it has same actor as in ' Zombie Land '. I am also reading a book on my Kindle about Iran Army stealing CIA assets in order to bring down USA. It is a good read so far. 

  My weight is down to 222 Lbs from 235 at 1st doc visit. I guess she was right, I could lose the weight if I try. The drugs have my BP way down also, 110 / 71 is pretty normal for me now.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fed Ex Delivered New Kindle Reader Today

  Still no pics, so it is small in size anyway. Today at 10 AM Fed Ex drove up and gave me my much awaited replacement Kindle Paper White. I quickly checked for damage and then put on charge. It has now been synced to my account and 1054 unread books. I feel free again.

  Last night I binged on the first season of a TV show called ' Mr Robot ' it is a neat story about a mentally ill young man who is an awesome computer hacker who works for a computer security firm by day and hacks by night. If you saw Fight club, this has same theme, Very fun and enjoyable and held my attention easy. That was good, as I am supposed to be a semi slug and take my pills, I can not lift over ten pounds by their rules, I have been doing a one mile stroll each day, it is normal walking speed and does not break a sweat. No 5 mile hiking trails for another two weeks. Those do break a hard sweat and are good for getting in shape.

  All feels normal and no pain of any kind. I just have to be careful about the site where they accessed my artery, It should be all healed by two weeks. Wifey has been making me good things to eat and making a list of what I like and do not, I have yet to feel hungry, as she provides enough grapes, strawberrys and bananas as snacks.

  That is all from our neck of the woods. It is 54 degrees and overcast, but no rain.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Zippy's Heart Attack

  Never suspected to have one and still be alive. I awoke Sunday 7 August 2016 at 04:00 Hrs with a strong pain in the center of my chest, so I got up and took two aspirin. Then as I got dressed, pain started down my left arm and up the side of my neck. I knew I was in trouble, so being the idiot I am, I grabbed my wallet and keys and drove myself to the close hospital. 

Providence Heart Center - Nationally Ranked Heart Center‎

  I made it from the car to the ER door and then a Doc saw me and was yelling something as she ran to me. Then several guys grabbed me and put me on a gurney and rushed me to a submarine ( looks like one. )  My clothes went off and then I saw my heart on a big screen TV. I was on a table with about ten people around me and being sedated and my groin being shaved.

  I had a blocked artery that feeds one side of the heart muscle, they saw this and decided to insert a fiber wire from my thigh artery to the blocked heart artery. As soon as they cleared the blockage, the pain was gone. They then used another wire tool to install a stent and with the video camera inspected the rest of the artery, amazing tools and skills by all involved.

  After all the fiber video, they decided I should have two more in a few weeks. They kept me in recovery until about 23:00 Hrs and then moved me to Cardio ICU. (sleep not possible there, due to hourly blood tests) I was to remain another day, but then they decided to finish the stents, before I headed for the hills.

  Due to my getting professional help ASAP, my heart came back to good shape. The muscle came back to life and appears well. I am on ten pills a day now and have to go to rehab for body and diet. 
  I just got home last night and still feel tired and woosey. I have to be careful with the two artery's that were opened, until they repair themselves. 

  Not the way I had planned to spend the week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Doc Told Me to Loose Weight

  It is that time of year, annual doc checkups and such. My first was GP to check health and just my luck, doc has been on a health kick. So my BP is high under ' new standards'. My weight now makes me obese and I can fix both by getting rid of ten pounds. Otherwise I was OK, so some good news I suppose.  I have been staying at 235 pounds in order to fly helicopters and that was not so hard to do, but it was work to make 229 last summer. I dread what it will require to get back to 225 and be able to maintain it long term. I do not like to eat like a rabbit like wifey.

Fireweed has gone to seed, about a month early
  It is starting to look a bit like fall already, leaves turning on some trees and falling off. The place is still green, yet the intensity has waned.

  I do not have a smart phone and still have my water proof sport phone I got about ten years ago. These pics were taken with it and are very low quality, but I was taking a long walk and wanted to be light. 

  Other than movies and walks and picnics and book reading, just normal life around here. We had considered going to the airshow and were up early and dressed and had keys in hand, when wifey asked me if I really wanted to deal with traffic to see planes. I thought a moment and put keys back on hook. I enjoyed the Blue Angels flying over our house and an estimated 122,000 cars of people enjoyed the show at the base. Very glad I stayed home. I did not even know there were that many cars in Alaska. If I did not go to a lot of airshows, I would have gone also.

  It is 55 degrees and overcast on this fine Tuesday.

 We watched a great, yet strange ( stop motion ) movie on library DVD, called Anomalisa. It is very well made and worth watching.