Thursday, August 18, 2016

Decided to forego free hotdog

  We decided to cancel hotel reservation and forego the drive to Fairbanks for a free hotdog this year. It had become an annual tradition, but with my forced diet change, it is a no go. Wifey most concerned with travel so far with not enough time for artery to heal. I technically have five more days before trying anything like that.

  I have been eating all I want and still staying within the sodium and fat guidelines. Lots of water and 10 pills a day is getting old, but must make it a normal habit. I can't play with cat now, as he has sharp claws and my old blood was 50 weight and now is 5 weight. A tiny claw puncture and you would think I had been stabbed.

    Today on one of my three short walks, I took a camera. A neighbor was having a tree and trunk removed from his yard.
They had traveled the USA and Canada in this years ago, now just Alaska

  Otherwise watching movies on Amazon that I enjoy. I liked ' American Ultra ' it has same actor as in ' Zombie Land '. I am also reading a book on my Kindle about Iran Army stealing CIA assets in order to bring down USA. It is a good read so far. 

  My weight is down to 222 Lbs from 235 at 1st doc visit. I guess she was right, I could lose the weight if I try. The drugs have my BP way down also, 110 / 71 is pretty normal for me now.


  1. Great to see your results so far. I'm sure it's harder than every trying to change a diet plus healing at the same time. The Tioga Class C is in fantastic shape, looks great.

  2. Sounds good, no great! Gotta remember that the is the new normal. It's easy to get lax as you feel better, and as time goes by.

  3. Definitely sounds good. It's true that the weight will fall off if you cut out the fat and sugar. You'll be your high school weight in no time. Wifey is right about all things. Listen to her.