Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Doc Told Me to Loose Weight

  It is that time of year, annual doc checkups and such. My first was GP to check health and just my luck, doc has been on a health kick. So my BP is high under ' new standards'. My weight now makes me obese and I can fix both by getting rid of ten pounds. Otherwise I was OK, so some good news I suppose.  I have been staying at 235 pounds in order to fly helicopters and that was not so hard to do, but it was work to make 229 last summer. I dread what it will require to get back to 225 and be able to maintain it long term. I do not like to eat like a rabbit like wifey.

Fireweed has gone to seed, about a month early
  It is starting to look a bit like fall already, leaves turning on some trees and falling off. The place is still green, yet the intensity has waned.

  I do not have a smart phone and still have my water proof sport phone I got about ten years ago. These pics were taken with it and are very low quality, but I was taking a long walk and wanted to be light. 

  Other than movies and walks and picnics and book reading, just normal life around here. We had considered going to the airshow and were up early and dressed and had keys in hand, when wifey asked me if I really wanted to deal with traffic to see planes. I thought a moment and put keys back on hook. I enjoyed the Blue Angels flying over our house and an estimated 122,000 cars of people enjoyed the show at the base. Very glad I stayed home. I did not even know there were that many cars in Alaska. If I did not go to a lot of airshows, I would have gone also.

  It is 55 degrees and overcast on this fine Tuesday.

 We watched a great, yet strange ( stop motion ) movie on library DVD, called Anomalisa. It is very well made and worth watching.


  1. Great photos, thanks for the share!

  2. Love that you call her "wifey". How does she like it? What would you have to cut out to keep your weight at 225? I weigh less than half what you weigh but I know I'm not half your height. Glad the doc is keeping his eye on you. They do tend to be interested in your health.

    1. Wifey is blogland name, it would never fly at home. We pondered your question and do not know yet. Time will tell I am sure. I am not a diet type person and instead reduce intake and get more active, it seems to work for me. I used it to get down to 229 last summer for the stunt plane ride, but afterwards with all the vacations and restaurants it rose back to 235. I do like docs who look at the whole person, but it is sometimes hard to hear changes needed.