Sunday, August 28, 2016

NIKE site tour

Missile tracking RADAR high wind enclosure 

  My friend Cliff had taken this tour after a friend took it and liked it. So he told me about it and Pete and I went on the tour on a wonderful sunny afternoon. It was from 2 pm to 5 pm and very enjoyable to do. They provide water and some snacks and a lot of information.

Pic of man from 1968 at this site, he aged a bit and still likes it here

  The tour guide above was a dog handler back in the day. That is him in the pic on the wall in the kennel where he shows you around. A lot of guys who worked there stayed in Alaska and now volunteer their time to explain what it was like to live there.

  It has been a lot of streaming TV for me lately and two one mile walks or one fast 1.7 mile walk each day. The long fast one breaks a sweat and zaps my energy for the rest of the day. I started PT last week and I think they can whip me back into shape. I now weigh 216 pounds and can tell my size is changing a bit. My so called goal is 195 Lbs, but that may not happen. It would be nice to stay under 200 for the rest of my life.

  Kathy is making nice and yummy meals for me. I have never gone hungry and have not had any feeling for rebellion. Lucky for me, she has slowly got me to eat well at home. She is watching out for me and I need that.

  I drove my friend Ken and his wife to the airport for their vacation this week also. So life is kinda back to normal except for 4 bottles of water and 10 pills each day. I was a heavy soda pop drinker before, doing OK so far on that. I have now been completely sober 32 days, that is going OK so far also.
Mt Denali today

  Tonight Wifey says I need to quit streaming TV and stick to the book I am reading, since I have used 132Gig of the 150 Gig allowed until the 4th. She has several good movies to watch from the library and they are free DVDs. 

  Other than that, not a lot going on


  1. Next thing you know Kathy will be advertising her diet program on late night television. She can show a pic of you with the caption "real person, not an actor."

  2. Sounds like you are making really good changes in your life. Wish you'd done it before so you would not have had to have the surgery. Wow 150GB limit. I can't even imagine what you pay for that. We have 5 GB and that with one dumb and one smart phone with unlimited data runs us in excess of $180 a month. Every time we want to talk to them about why so much they want to put us on another contract and take away the smart phone's umlimited date. 150GB sounds like unlimited to me.

  3. That's some great improvement. Diet and exercise do work. I know what you mean coming off a soda habit, very hard to do. I lived on them when working and stopped when I retired. Gradually went back to a Pepsi or two at times. You are to be commended for your hard work ... you have a great leader sitting their next to you it sounds like. Continue on, you'll feel much better as the days move on.

  4. When I saw your post's title I thought you did a tour of a running shoe company. I am currently at 215 pounds as well. Can I borrow your wife to get me back in shape??

  5. Her family knows her healthy eating and exercise habits well. She is a great well educated coach. If money gets tight, perhaps she could coach people for money under the table. We can't get jobs or it would cost us more than we save in tax each year. NIKE sites were surface to air atom bombs to defend major US cities. There were 120 sites between 1958 and 1979. Now only three have been kept as museums.