Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another Week,Weight Same

  My PT this week was more intense for me and my heart rate stayed at 120. I am stronger and can do more, but my quick weight loss quit. I had a goal of 195, but I am stuck at 208 for two weeks now. I have not lost hope yet and will keep doing the same things. My waist size continues to get smaller and muscles are getting bigger, so I guess all is OK.

  I can do twenty minutes at 3 mph on treadmill now and not feel I am going to die. I then do three sets of ten on a leg press set to 300 pounds ( major sweat by end ) then I bench press two sets of five set at 200 pounds. After that I ride NUSTEP machine to cool down.  I hope I can make myself do that again next week, it leaves me wiped out. and after the cool down walk my BP has been 90 over 70 each time. It took me a while to work up to this pace and it is my max for now anyway.

  I mowed the yard by myself and am feeling back to normal again. I have been trying to resolve issue with my old van and have made no progress other than proving it is an electrical problem. It might get parked until next Summer and I can play with it again.

 The kitty is asleep in my lap right now and I will be soon also. I do need to be awake at 10 PM to take wifey's friend to the airport. She is selling her home and moving near family on Lake Huron. 

 That is all for this week.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 5

  We have been enjoying three Chamber Music Concerts performed by professionals from around the world. The devotion performers have to the Sitka Music Festival is amazing. Alaska is so lucky to have a venue like this to enjoy classical music played by  masters. We have supported them since 1990 I think.

  So what is Chamber Music? Back in the 1700's before records or wax cylinders, rich people had a chamber or ante chamber added to their homes for traveling musicians to perform live music for their guests. Normally the chamber held a nice piano and the musicians would have a violin and viola and piano player. That is why these concerts are held in small places to keep that effect. It is very different than a city symphony concert.

  Other than that, PT on Monday, Wed and Thursday is my week. I now weigh 208 pounds and feel I have my strength back. I can walk two miles at 2.8 mph and not be winded or worn out, a vast improvement and has me back to where I was at the start of summer. My arms still need to get stronger as working on my old van has shown me.

  It has been 53 days sober and no soda pop for me. My brother pointed out to me that both my parents retired at age 52 and lived until their mid 80's. So he thinks if I watch my diet and get fit, I may be able to do the same. Time will tell.  
Hillbilly welding helmet made of Coors beer box got the job done 

  I am feeling the departure date rushing up on me. this week has been making a good list of all things that need taking care of. We have the taxes filed, I got my concealed carry permit renewed, got flu shot and wifey got us return tickets this week. She watches rates around the time we come back and noticed if we came back a week earlier we both could fly to Alaska for $ 419 including taxes etc. We fly down on a free mileage ticket and that does save us quite a bit.

  Leaves are bright yellow and purple now and they continue to fall and blow everywhere. I have to clear them off the windshield each time I go out. We have said goodbye to the 60's and 50's,  40's are the norm now.

  That is all the news from our North land home.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whew! Filed Our Taxes

  We got a break between two storms and it sunny windy and about 58 degrees. Made a fine time for an afternoon walk. We walked fast and up hill for 40 minutes and never felt chilly. Then we made our way back home before the worker bees hit the roads.

  Today was also file our taxes day. It was hanging over me like an overdue book report in school and I decided today was the day, as too many things could cause us to forget to file. Feels great to have that monkey off our back.

  I think our 21 year old Dodge Grand Caravan with only 163 K miles might have to be put down. I have been putting off fixing things, leaky radiator, intermittent air conditioning, but now the transmission quit shifting. I have been using the MOPAR list to find out problem and it seems there is a known issue that never became a recall. Poor wire splice for shift solenoid pack has a SB on it. So it is in our garage and I am playing mechanic this week, if I fix it great or if not off to the junk yard for it. Kinda fun to use tools and shop light again. We had been planning to down size to one car like in Florida anyway.

  The storm we had lasted about 14 hours with steady winds of 50 mph and gusts of 85 mph. We lost two big trees in our yard and have hundreds of broken branches to pick up. It was still too soggy to walk in our yard today, got a lot of rain also. Those typhoons just love to come here to die out. Many homes in town lost power, but we got lucky this time.

My yummy lunch today. flax seed chips not my fav though

  More PT tomorrow and it is making real changes in my stamina.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 4

One of many that made me fat

  Exercise is my life now. I weigh 210 pounds this weekend, which is down from 235 before heart attack and 265 pounds before I retired five years ago. My energy has returned and I can lift and carry 50 pounds, getting up from the ground is a lot easier for me now also.

  On days between my physical therapy, I walk 1.7 miles at 2.8 miles per hour and also work out with weights and a leg press. It is about the same amount of work as I get in PT, but without the monitoring. There is a guy in PT who has been there for a year since his heart attack and is so fit I thought he was a jogger or long distance runner. He said he weighed more than me and had a heart attack on his retirement day from a large corporation. Now he wants to live and be able to enjoy retirement and is highly motivated. My insurance and motivation is not as good as his I think.

  I only used 143 Gig Bytes of 150 allowed last billing period and I only have 27 days to use 150 again. Not much chance of making it, as I am only at 15 gig now and there is only so much time in a day. I need a break form movies for a bit.

  Yesterday was our last sunny day of Summer, a bit chilly made it good for a long walk. The trees are all yellow now and made for a most beautiful day to be outside. Been eating a lot of yummy watermelon this week, that time of year up here.
Too many of these were my lunch in the past

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 3

DHC-2 Beaver airplane
  My life is a lot different with PT added in. I have only been to three sessions, but now know my limits. My weight is now 213 and BP 111/74 Pulse 58 when resting. That is a radical change for me. I have still not gone hungry as wifey keeps me eating three times a day, and the food is healthy and tasty also. I though a low salt diet would be bland, but am happy with it so far. With the drugs I do have to be careful not to cut myself and I bruise very easy also. Kitty is feeling neglected as his hobby is kneading my tummy and using claws. I have to keep him off me for a year.  

View of Anchorage from Earthquake Park

  Thursday was target shooting with my friend Pete. I discovered I am too weak in the arms to shoot my target pistol. So I had to shoot a lighter pistol and his rifle. It was a fun sunny day anyway. We have been making short drives to get me out of the house also, that is how we went to the park where I took these pics. I still do my walks each day and now have started slowly to get my shooting strength back.

Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 airplane

  It has been warm and sunny for a long time now, but rain is in the forecast. Many trees are changing color and the grass is slowing it's growth also. The fireweed has gone to seed and is floating through the air like a cottonwood or dandelion now.

    I should be done with my PT by the time we fly South on 26 October. I may take another flight before we leave, always nice to see the Fall colors from the air. My motorcycle never got used this Summer, perhaps next year. We did not use our boat either and now with the blood thinners and anti platelet drugs wifey says NO to any more bike rides. 

  This is Denali from Anchorage which is 70 miles away. Kinda hazy since it was afternoon, but you get the idea anyway.

  That is my no news update for week three after being released from the hospital CICU.