Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another Week,Weight Same

  My PT this week was more intense for me and my heart rate stayed at 120. I am stronger and can do more, but my quick weight loss quit. I had a goal of 195, but I am stuck at 208 for two weeks now. I have not lost hope yet and will keep doing the same things. My waist size continues to get smaller and muscles are getting bigger, so I guess all is OK.

  I can do twenty minutes at 3 mph on treadmill now and not feel I am going to die. I then do three sets of ten on a leg press set to 300 pounds ( major sweat by end ) then I bench press two sets of five set at 200 pounds. After that I ride NUSTEP machine to cool down.  I hope I can make myself do that again next week, it leaves me wiped out. and after the cool down walk my BP has been 90 over 70 each time. It took me a while to work up to this pace and it is my max for now anyway.

  I mowed the yard by myself and am feeling back to normal again. I have been trying to resolve issue with my old van and have made no progress other than proving it is an electrical problem. It might get parked until next Summer and I can play with it again.

 The kitty is asleep in my lap right now and I will be soon also. I do need to be awake at 10 PM to take wifey's friend to the airport. She is selling her home and moving near family on Lake Huron. 

 That is all for this week.


  1. Your work-out left me exhausted and I had to go lay down.

    1. Mondays PT was tamed down a bit, made the walk and had to back down leg press to 180 pounds and bench press to 120 pounds. Just did not have the power in me today. Max pulse was 109, yet I was whooped.

  2. That's a pretty impressive workout.