Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 3

DHC-2 Beaver airplane
  My life is a lot different with PT added in. I have only been to three sessions, but now know my limits. My weight is now 213 and BP 111/74 Pulse 58 when resting. That is a radical change for me. I have still not gone hungry as wifey keeps me eating three times a day, and the food is healthy and tasty also. I though a low salt diet would be bland, but am happy with it so far. With the drugs I do have to be careful not to cut myself and I bruise very easy also. Kitty is feeling neglected as his hobby is kneading my tummy and using claws. I have to keep him off me for a year.  

View of Anchorage from Earthquake Park

  Thursday was target shooting with my friend Pete. I discovered I am too weak in the arms to shoot my target pistol. So I had to shoot a lighter pistol and his rifle. It was a fun sunny day anyway. We have been making short drives to get me out of the house also, that is how we went to the park where I took these pics. I still do my walks each day and now have started slowly to get my shooting strength back.

Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 airplane

  It has been warm and sunny for a long time now, but rain is in the forecast. Many trees are changing color and the grass is slowing it's growth also. The fireweed has gone to seed and is floating through the air like a cottonwood or dandelion now.

    I should be done with my PT by the time we fly South on 26 October. I may take another flight before we leave, always nice to see the Fall colors from the air. My motorcycle never got used this Summer, perhaps next year. We did not use our boat either and now with the blood thinners and anti platelet drugs wifey says NO to any more bike rides. 

  This is Denali from Anchorage which is 70 miles away. Kinda hazy since it was afternoon, but you get the idea anyway.

  That is my no news update for week three after being released from the hospital CICU.


  1. Your BP is way in the safe range. Must be good meds.

  2. Yes it is. The Cardio RN in my PT class says I may have to reduce my meds as I lose weight. I have a cardio doc apt this week and it might lead to some small changes. Several meds have to be used for a year to insure no clots form on the stents. Just my luck, they are the ones that say NO ALCOHOL.

  3. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are progressing right on schedule.

  4. Sounds like you are doing well Tom so keep up the good work and who knows maybe next year you will be running in the Boston Marathon,

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, but running long distance was never in my cards. Still hope to make it to 195 and then maintain. Getting my strength back a little more each day.

  6. How wonderful to be able to take a picture of Denali. What is wifey feeding you that is healthy and you find good tasting? I'm surprised that you didn't try that healthy good stuff before.

  7. The Nutrition Doc said she approved of wifeys foods selected and having things I like is very important is order to convert a burger and fries guy. First, no salt is added to anything, replaced by Mrs Dash spices. Mayo was replaced with Helmans Canola Mayo and it tastes fine. Breakfast can be any of these, 1 fried egg and whole wheat toast or 1 serving shredded wheat and strawberrys or 2 graham crackers and seedless grapes.
    Lunch can be half a low salt turkey sandwich, grilled cheese, etc
    Diner can be stirfry, 3oz grilled chicken with Zucchini and salad, 3 oz lean burger and salad, veggie chili and salad, Grilled fish, grilled squash and salad, etc
    It comes out to about 600 calories and < 1000 mg salt a day. It keeps me feeling full and not hungry. My special treat each day can be sherbet or almonds covered in chocolate. Very small serving.

    I know someday I will over eat and this weight loss will stop, but for now medical people say it is OK. I have blood test and doc visit this week and will see if any changes in meds or diet needed.

    She has more options, but those were off the top of my head.