Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 5

  We have been enjoying three Chamber Music Concerts performed by professionals from around the world. The devotion performers have to the Sitka Music Festival is amazing. Alaska is so lucky to have a venue like this to enjoy classical music played by  masters. We have supported them since 1990 I think.

  So what is Chamber Music? Back in the 1700's before records or wax cylinders, rich people had a chamber or ante chamber added to their homes for traveling musicians to perform live music for their guests. Normally the chamber held a nice piano and the musicians would have a violin and viola and piano player. That is why these concerts are held in small places to keep that effect. It is very different than a city symphony concert.

  Other than that, PT on Monday, Wed and Thursday is my week. I now weigh 208 pounds and feel I have my strength back. I can walk two miles at 2.8 mph and not be winded or worn out, a vast improvement and has me back to where I was at the start of summer. My arms still need to get stronger as working on my old van has shown me.

  It has been 53 days sober and no soda pop for me. My brother pointed out to me that both my parents retired at age 52 and lived until their mid 80's. So he thinks if I watch my diet and get fit, I may be able to do the same. Time will tell.  
Hillbilly welding helmet made of Coors beer box got the job done 

  I am feeling the departure date rushing up on me. this week has been making a good list of all things that need taking care of. We have the taxes filed, I got my concealed carry permit renewed, got flu shot and wifey got us return tickets this week. She watches rates around the time we come back and noticed if we came back a week earlier we both could fly to Alaska for $ 419 including taxes etc. We fly down on a free mileage ticket and that does save us quite a bit.

  Leaves are bright yellow and purple now and they continue to fall and blow everywhere. I have to clear them off the windshield each time I go out. We have said goodbye to the 60's and 50's,  40's are the norm now.

  That is all the news from our North land home.


  1. Brothers are generally right. Generally. I have two. One who thinks he is always right and one who generally is. I'm in the middle. The one that doesn't fit in ... you know.

  2. My two brothers are older than me. One turns 70 this month and the other turns 64 next month and I turn 57 in November. They remember family more as they lived near them and were more involved in their lives. I have always been off in la la land.

  3. Glad to hear you're doing so well. I have a younger brother that I get to boss around - the only problem is he's usually right when we disagree.

  4. I am just happy to have brothers to talk to, no bossing around, just getting old.