Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whew! Filed Our Taxes

  We got a break between two storms and it sunny windy and about 58 degrees. Made a fine time for an afternoon walk. We walked fast and up hill for 40 minutes and never felt chilly. Then we made our way back home before the worker bees hit the roads.

  Today was also file our taxes day. It was hanging over me like an overdue book report in school and I decided today was the day, as too many things could cause us to forget to file. Feels great to have that monkey off our back.

  I think our 21 year old Dodge Grand Caravan with only 163 K miles might have to be put down. I have been putting off fixing things, leaky radiator, intermittent air conditioning, but now the transmission quit shifting. I have been using the MOPAR list to find out problem and it seems there is a known issue that never became a recall. Poor wire splice for shift solenoid pack has a SB on it. So it is in our garage and I am playing mechanic this week, if I fix it great or if not off to the junk yard for it. Kinda fun to use tools and shop light again. We had been planning to down size to one car like in Florida anyway.

  The storm we had lasted about 14 hours with steady winds of 50 mph and gusts of 85 mph. We lost two big trees in our yard and have hundreds of broken branches to pick up. It was still too soggy to walk in our yard today, got a lot of rain also. Those typhoons just love to come here to die out. Many homes in town lost power, but we got lucky this time.

My yummy lunch today. flax seed chips not my fav though

  More PT tomorrow and it is making real changes in my stamina.


  1. That's a big storm and a long one. It's good to hear your PT is working for you. That last picture is a big difference from those other food pics you posted the other day. Looks like your chef has some portion control also in the formula of change. Just remember how much better you will feel 6 months from now.

  2. Wow some storm. 85mph gusts and two big trees down. Lunch looks great. You must have gotten a 6 month extension on the taxes. I had to look twice when I read the title. Love the birds in the pictures especially in the air on the first one.

  3. Yes, we did not have our act together on April 15th, so filed to extend. Thanks for the nice comment on the Canada goose pic.