Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Almost used 150Gig, provider now gives 250 Gig, Dang

  I stayed up many nights watching movies, downloading anything of interest to me, trying to use my 150 gig of internet, but today the local company doubled speed and amount of data free to loyal customers. I was almost there, but now am just half way with 17 hours to use it. We will be streaming a lot of TV until we fly South and have no internet unless we go to the mall. Going cold turkey is always hard when we get there.

  Guess I will just go to bed and do some errands before my PT workout. I am scheduled to fly on Thursday and it should be a nice sunny day for it.

  Still have not found problem with old van, but decided to park it until next Summer and try again.

  The Cabana is on our minds today as the Florida Power company called us to recommend we move inland to a safer place. I checked the local news and they want people off the islands, just in case the storm is bad. Our Cabana is 9 feet above sea level and it would not take much to flood.  

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  1. I can't imagine that much data available. Nice to hear that some companies award their 'loyal' customers. My cousin lives about a blog from the coast highway on the ocean side. He has been through those storms before but always concerned. Good luck.