Friday, October 7, 2016

Cabana Survived!

  Just got call from neighbor who keeps a key for us and they have let them back on the island and restored H2o and power also. She reports my new fence is still intact and no windows broken and door still closed. She walked around and says shingles still on and everything looks normal. 

  Her place has some small damage as do a few others, but the home on the end lost it's siding. There is a lot of limbs and palm trash around to be cleaned up also. We got lucky the storm hit at low tide and stayed 3 miles off shore. That eye wall that hit the outer islands was very destructive.

 That is the latest from the Cabana.

Update: We did our 5 mile mountain lake walk this afternoon. 38 degrees it was and my pulse stayed at 112. My 3 mph pace is a real workout for Kathy. 


  1. Good to hear. My friends up by Daytona made it through with little damage. One lives right on an inlet with his boat parked in his backyard so to speak. No word yet from my relatives around the Palm Bay and Indialantic area.

    1. Good to hear, hope everyone made it OK.

  2. Wow lucky you! That's fantastic. I'm wondering how Gamble Rogers State Park fared. It's right on the water in Flagler Beach.

  3. And Jettypark. That is our first stop in Jan.