Sunday, October 9, 2016

Flight seeing with Cliff

  Saturday was spend a day with Cliff day. He picked me up this morning and drove to the airport. Then it was preflight and go for a short fun ride to his hanger.

  He has flown this plane more this year than any year I have known him, retirement is taking effect. I was very happy it turned out to be a sunny clear chilly day.

  He lets friends store their toys on his property, some are very cool like these cars. They have Yamaha R-1 1000cc snow machine engines in them. They are like micro stock cars.

  In this candid pic, the man in shorts has a tiny real dog in his pocket, never seen that before. We had driven from his hanger to the Palmer Gun Show at the fair grounds. I had to promise I would not let him buy anything. We both left after about three hours with nothing but memories. It is a very large show, lots of machine guns and as always AR everything. I almost bought a very nice machined lower, but just can't get over my dislike for ARs. They had a LAR for $4K, seems they still cost the same as 20 years ago.

  We ate lunch and then took a long flight seeing ride back. It was good he had full fuel tanks, as I have not run the passes for over ten years now and got us lost. It was a lot of ice fields and glaciers to view though.

Knik Glacier
  The heater works good and the air was calm, great flight.

  We finally made it back to the airport and tied the plane down. Then Cliff discovered he had left the lights on and the car battery was dead. We got lucky as he had a friend nearby who drove over and got us going. He then drove me home and I thanked him for a fun filled day. 


  1. Great photos from the air. Glad to hear you had a good flight.

  2. Thanks
    Not easy to take good pics from old plastic windows and the curve in the new windshield warped the view. I did take about a hundred good ones though. It was just one of those magical beautiful flights.