Monday, October 3, 2016

Have my Stamina Back

Exit Glacier from Nat Park Road

  Each day of our three day mini vacation, we went all the way up the trail to Exit Glacier. I had not been able to do that for a few years now, so I guess I am better than before. There were not many people there as tourist season has passed, but about 20 cars of people came to see the trees and hike.

  Kathy packed food for us so I would not fall off my good eating habits while we were away from home. It worked well and she had many walks for me to keep me working out.

The view from the top viewpoint shows how little glacier is left now

  I had noticed the great weather forecast and needed a break from home life and Winter rates of $ 50 a night for a town home in Seward had just started, so we packed and left right after my PT class. It was a beautiful Fall drive and then a great hike. It was cloudy and drizzle as we checked out today, but we were only two hours from home and it was another low traffic day. 

  I am back in my man cave trying to use up 80 Gig in three days, so binge watching movies is my plan. The Kitty needed some intense loving and now acts content again. I noticed I had 48 views of my year 5 in review post, but not a single comment. I guess that post was a bust, but will serve to remind me how our year went. Now year 6 will be more low key and have some family visits added in. I do see a big storm might blow away our Cabana, hope we do not get any damage. We fly South in 23 days and I still have a lot to get in order before then. My PT will finish the day before we fly out.

 All pics taken with Cannon pocket camera.

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  1. We're out here watching (and reading). Keep posting.