Friday, October 14, 2016

Last 50 Degree Day Enjoyed

  Been enjoying the sunny 50 degree afternoons this week. This is the last of our semi warm days and no 50's in the future forecast. I am able to do my 5 mile off road mountain walk again, without getting winded.

  My PT is almost over and I am a lot stronger and can walk faster and harder. We have 11 days left in Alaska before we fly South. With these frosty low 20's mornings, I am ready to go now. My weight is still stuck at 205 pounds. I had hopes for it to  be under 200 pounds before we left, but it is not going to happen. I will continue to work toward 195 pounds which was my goal.

  The trail to the top of this hill is what we used to do weekly to get ready for hikes about ten years ago. I hope to be able to get to the top by the end of next summer, that will be a good goal for me.

  We saw a local play last Sunday and have a traveling concert ' Women of the World' to hear tonight. This town does have a lot of entertainment for people to attend.


  1. Walking to the top of that hill will be a great goal when you get back. You should be able to get a lot of walking in while in Florida. I'd head for the beach and walk for miles if it were me. The water in your photos looks freezing cold, great shots.

  2. Thanks Steve.
    Got to get my self back in shape again, now I have a real motivation. That water is about 36 degrees and is dangerous if you fall in.

  3. Beautiful pictures today. Glad to hear things are going so well for you. 5 Mikes is great and with incline even better. Kathy must be very happy. Cut oil out of your diet and pounds drop off.