Thursday, October 6, 2016

Skipped PT, Flew R-44 on Sunny Day

  I forgot to take a camera and it was a most beautiful helicopter I flew today. My thoughts had been helicopter flying was a past chapter for me, as it is not easy to get a school to let an old pilot without a medical fly just for fun. I had been told "NO" by company, but decided to call the chief pilot who had enjoyed watching my landings in the past. He checked with the owner and called me back with a date and time. It was almost a year since I had flown a R-44 and then they were night flights.

  I told the guy to be ready just in case my takeoff went bad. He was happy with my flying and had quite a few suggestions and tips. It was two airports, 4 landings and one autogyro to hover. A sideways hover down a runway and then a slow tail around nose hover back. That is a major mental workout for me. By the end of the flight I was whooped. He says I can fly all I want next summer with him.

  Then I got a very fun freebie, he had to relocate a Bell 206 and did I want a ride? Yes.

  Then there is more.....if I get my weight down to 195 pounds, he will take me up for a hard acro ride in his Christensen Eagle stunt plane, free of charge. How is that for more motivation to keep this weight loss going.

  I got home and Kathy wanted me to take a major walk since I missed PT, she wanted the exercise also.

 Other wise life has been watching news about hurricane and calls from family and friends wanting to know where we were. They were all happy we were in Alaska.

 Sober 72 days, weight 204 pounds.

Update on Merritt Island: H2o shut off at 3 PM, Bridges closed at 6 PM, Emergency services cease, Electricty lost at 1 AM. Winds measured at 76 mph at 11PM, then site went down. At about 4 AM eye wall hits island, winds > 115 mph


  1. Oh dear for you casa in Florida. I can't get any good information about whether Gamble Rogers still has ocean front sites or not. Tsk-tsk-tsk to you for skipping PT. Don't get complacent or it will come back to haunt you for sure. Onward to 195 or who knows.

  2. I must live life when I can, moved the PT class up to the day before we fly out. It will not be wasted. Kathy made me walk 45 minutes after the ride anyway and it was my fast 3 mph walk which wore her out also. Our Cabana survived according to my neighbor.