Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Love New Movie at Soarin'

  The Muppets have lowered themselves to advertising for the hall of presidents. Many people who were watching this street performance then went inside. Now I think I should before Mr Trump gets added to the lineup.

  The weather has been great and not much in the way of crowds in the parks. Peter Pan is still my favorite ride, old but great. 

  We had not seen the updated Soarin' movie and were amazed at how good it is. They also replaced the worn movie screens and spiffed up the place. They now fly to great places around the world and show amazing things.
Updating List of Locations in Movie:
1. Great Pyramids, Egypt.
2. Great Wall, China.
3. Taj Mahal, India.
5. Matterhorn, Switzerland.

  The Extra hours have me pooped out, they shorten the lines yet make for a very long day. 

 Security was my issue today, being sniffed by a friendly police dog and later taken aside for further screening. I know I look a bit shady and all, but this seemed like I was singled out.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

$1.90 Gas nice

  Slept in on Black Friday and then got some errands done. I needed to refill the gas in the car and the BJ store reduces the price by a nickle if you shop inside first. I wanted some dry roasted peanuts anyway, so I went inside. A man handed me a sale flyer and I wandered around and leafed through it.

  I discovered that the computer I bought for $270 was marked down to $ 200 for Black Friday. I asked about it at the customer service desk. They asked for the credit card used and refunded the difference. That was great. I then went outside and put 10 gallons of gas in the car for the 320 miles driven. It was fun to shop at night when the mass of people had gone and still save money.

  Otherwise watching TV, making reservations for future travel and taking walks is about all we have been doing. Wifey is back to Zumba class and I have a 30 minute and 50 minute walk path I take. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

   So tomorrow we will join thousands of others in the drive to have diner with family. I suspect I 4 will be a slow go, but hopefully safe for all. Hope everyone forgets politics for one day anyway. 

Update: The family get together was great, no politics mentioned and everyone happy. There was plenty of great food and the weather was awesome. We drove back to the cabana late at night in very light traffic, sure better than the drive there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1 Hour Dual in T-6 Texan

Colorado River

  Today was a fun ride in an old North American T-6 trainer. I went up with the same instructor at the same company. My flying skills stayed home and the instructor got quite a ride. He was yelling on take off and then many times as I messed up a maneuver and finally on short final to landing. I am sure he is horse now. I did enjoy the ride.
Back at hanger and not bent

  It was a warm 72 degree day and clear sky, it was much warmer in the plane. I need to fly it about four hours in a week and click with it. That will take a lot of money. 

I met the nice man who owns this TF-51

  I was up for sunrise and it was 52 degrees and crisp. I left for the airport at 11:00 hrs and got home at 20:30 hrs . A hour flight takes a lot of time.

A Zippypinhead under a arch

    Nice to have the windows open and a breeze passing through the cabana, just seems unreal that NY got a lot of snow.

Me again

Monday, November 21, 2016

72 Degrees and 18% Humidity YES

  Today started off chilly at 46 degrees and 18 % humidity, by 10 am it was very nice. At noon I put the top down and enjoyed driving around the island doing errands. The weather was the same as we had for our stay in Moab, so I know early Nov is the best time to visit when we go back someday.

  Today was a blood test for me and I will find out the results at my doc appointment in two weeks. Sure hope all is well. Otherwise been cleaning up our tiny yard on this cool morning.

  This post is on a new laptop, my old one bit the dust. I had it back working, but could not add pics to blog post and other problems. It was a 32 bit windows 8 machine running windows 10 and had been quirky since the upgrade. Now I have a 64 bit windows machine and hope it serves me well.

 I only had a cannon power shot with me in Utah, but got a few good pics and will use them in my next few posts.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Enjoyed Moab and turned 57

  Been a whirlwind since we left Alaska. The long flight went well and Kitty was quick to make the Cabana his home. The old car started well and is still doing good with 187K miles on it.

 We made it to Wifey's Aunt's 90th birthday bash in Tampa the next day. Then drove to Universal Studios to spend three long days in the park. I rode all the roller coasters and even rode the kids coaster so I could say I rode them all.

 This was our first time to attend the Halloween night event. It is totally professional and many law enforcement people are around to keep the peace. It is worth the $50 and next time we will pay the $150 price and avoid the hour long lines. It is not for young kids. Something will scare anyone before they leave, as they cover so many scary things.

 Three nights later we were on a plane to Grand Junction, Utah  to spend ten nights in MOAB with Nephew Dave. He is an avid 4 wheeler with much skill and we enjoyed many a mine road. The skill and Jeep allowed us to go where a FJ and Fore runner could not. I am amazed at some of the boulders we climbed over and did not damage us or the Jeep. We enjoyed sunrise and sunset each day in Arches or Canyonlands NP or BLM lands, simply amazing.

 I highly recommend spending a week or more in the area to see and hike the main places. We were staying in a $1400 monthly rental 3 bed, 3 bath fully furnished Condo.  I also saw two nice RV parks just outside of town and of course lots of BLM land.

 Now we are back at the Cabana and Kitty is happy again, he is a pain for a few days after we return from a trip. I now have a working computer again and internet access. It costs $100 a month for unlimited usage and 20 gig band width. It is nice to be streaming a movie and both of us on the net with no delay. Times sure have changed for home internet in the last ten years. 

 I made all the hikes and now weigh under 200 pounds, having to buy some new shorts and t shirts now. Wifey agrees with Doc and thinks I need to get down to 185 and stay there. It may happen. I am still sober, but had a few sodas with diners, back to H2o only again.