Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1 Hour Dual in T-6 Texan

Colorado River

  Today was a fun ride in an old North American T-6 trainer. I went up with the same instructor at the same company. My flying skills stayed home and the instructor got quite a ride. He was yelling on take off and then many times as I messed up a maneuver and finally on short final to landing. I am sure he is horse now. I did enjoy the ride.
Back at hanger and not bent

  It was a warm 72 degree day and clear sky, it was much warmer in the plane. I need to fly it about four hours in a week and click with it. That will take a lot of money. 

I met the nice man who owns this TF-51

  I was up for sunrise and it was 52 degrees and crisp. I left for the airport at 11:00 hrs and got home at 20:30 hrs . A hour flight takes a lot of time.

A Zippypinhead under a arch

    Nice to have the windows open and a breeze passing through the cabana, just seems unreal that NY got a lot of snow.

Me again


  1. Any landing you ca walk away from is a good landing! :-)

  2. Some instructor pilots do not see it that way. Thanks for the comment.