Saturday, November 26, 2016

$1.90 Gas nice

  Slept in on Black Friday and then got some errands done. I needed to refill the gas in the car and the BJ store reduces the price by a nickle if you shop inside first. I wanted some dry roasted peanuts anyway, so I went inside. A man handed me a sale flyer and I wandered around and leafed through it.

  I discovered that the computer I bought for $270 was marked down to $ 200 for Black Friday. I asked about it at the customer service desk. They asked for the credit card used and refunded the difference. That was great. I then went outside and put 10 gallons of gas in the car for the 320 miles driven. It was fun to shop at night when the mass of people had gone and still save money.

  Otherwise watching TV, making reservations for future travel and taking walks is about all we have been doing. Wifey is back to Zumba class and I have a 30 minute and 50 minute walk path I take. 


  1. Glad to hear you are still doing some good walking. $1.90 sounds great. Where is that? Amazing to get back the difference on something you've already purchased. Very lucky to have gone in and discovered that.

  2. Yes walking is my new hobby. The gas on the island is $1.95 and box store BJ's has a nickle a gallon off until 11 Jan 2017 if you are a member and shop inside before buying gas. We will be inside Disney this week, where are you now?