Monday, November 21, 2016

72 Degrees and 18% Humidity YES

  Today started off chilly at 46 degrees and 18 % humidity, by 10 am it was very nice. At noon I put the top down and enjoyed driving around the island doing errands. The weather was the same as we had for our stay in Moab, so I know early Nov is the best time to visit when we go back someday.

  Today was a blood test for me and I will find out the results at my doc appointment in two weeks. Sure hope all is well. Otherwise been cleaning up our tiny yard on this cool morning.

  This post is on a new laptop, my old one bit the dust. I had it back working, but could not add pics to blog post and other problems. It was a 32 bit windows 8 machine running windows 10 and had been quirky since the upgrade. Now I have a 64 bit windows machine and hope it serves me well.

 I only had a cannon power shot with me in Utah, but got a few good pics and will use them in my next few posts.

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