Sunday, November 20, 2016

Enjoyed Moab and turned 57

  Been a whirlwind since we left Alaska. The long flight went well and Kitty was quick to make the Cabana his home. The old car started well and is still doing good with 187K miles on it.

 We made it to Wifey's Aunt's 90th birthday bash in Tampa the next day. Then drove to Universal Studios to spend three long days in the park. I rode all the roller coasters and even rode the kids coaster so I could say I rode them all.

 This was our first time to attend the Halloween night event. It is totally professional and many law enforcement people are around to keep the peace. It is worth the $50 and next time we will pay the $150 price and avoid the hour long lines. It is not for young kids. Something will scare anyone before they leave, as they cover so many scary things.

 Three nights later we were on a plane to Grand Junction, Utah  to spend ten nights in MOAB with Nephew Dave. He is an avid 4 wheeler with much skill and we enjoyed many a mine road. The skill and Jeep allowed us to go where a FJ and Fore runner could not. I am amazed at some of the boulders we climbed over and did not damage us or the Jeep. We enjoyed sunrise and sunset each day in Arches or Canyonlands NP or BLM lands, simply amazing.

 I highly recommend spending a week or more in the area to see and hike the main places. We were staying in a $1400 monthly rental 3 bed, 3 bath fully furnished Condo.  I also saw two nice RV parks just outside of town and of course lots of BLM land.

 Now we are back at the Cabana and Kitty is happy again, he is a pain for a few days after we return from a trip. I now have a working computer again and internet access. It costs $100 a month for unlimited usage and 20 gig band width. It is nice to be streaming a movie and both of us on the net with no delay. Times sure have changed for home internet in the last ten years. 

 I made all the hikes and now weigh under 200 pounds, having to buy some new shorts and t shirts now. Wifey agrees with Doc and thinks I need to get down to 185 and stay there. It may happen. I am still sober, but had a few sodas with diners, back to H2o only again.


  1. What company gives unlimited for $100/month? Thought unlimited was a thing of the past.

  2. Bright House, but they just got bought by another company, so.....