Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Love New Movie at Soarin'

  The Muppets have lowered themselves to advertising for the hall of presidents. Many people who were watching this street performance then went inside. Now I think I should before Mr Trump gets added to the lineup.

  The weather has been great and not much in the way of crowds in the parks. Peter Pan is still my favorite ride, old but great. 

  We had not seen the updated Soarin' movie and were amazed at how good it is. They also replaced the worn movie screens and spiffed up the place. They now fly to great places around the world and show amazing things.
Updating List of Locations in Movie:
1. Great Pyramids, Egypt.
2. Great Wall, China.
3. Taj Mahal, India.
5. Matterhorn, Switzerland.

  The Extra hours have me pooped out, they shorten the lines yet make for a very long day. 

 Security was my issue today, being sniffed by a friendly police dog and later taken aside for further screening. I know I look a bit shady and all, but this seemed like I was singled out.


  1. Sounds like you were profiled, eh? NSA tracking you?

  2. If they are, then they are wasting their time. I did wonder about my looks, as the three events happened at different parks. Perhaps they have a quota system and old fat guys in T shirts, shorts and sandals make a suspicious target.

  3. Me too on seeing the Hall of Presidents and then avoiding it fir the next 4 years. I still can't believe my fellow citizens did this. Love Peter Pan too. You've got me looking forward to Soarin. We'll be there on Sunday. David got pulled out two days in a row at two different parks one year. I do think there are quotas or just the 50th person. Lucky you.