Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

  I have reached my goal of getting my weight down to 195 pounds and maintained for two weeks already. This seemed to be a giant yet possible thing to accomplish and it was. I was at 250 pounds and wearing size 44 jeans and XXL t shirts, now wearing size 36 jeans and XL t shirts. That is noteworthy for me to accomplish in five months.

 Nothing to blog about, walking in parks and day of rest etc. It is working well for us, as we are both losing weight. Seven miles or more of walking at the parks and eating right really makes a difference.

 It has been a very warm Winter in Florida this year. I like it. Wifey is a snow bunny and just tolerating it.

 Tonight we are staying home and watching TV, not very social people and we see no reason to be on the roads with other drunks.

  May you not drink too much and start your new year feeling the best possible. Wish everyone a great 2017.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

  It is that time to wish everyone who reads my blog a Merry Christmas.

  May all your holiday travels be safe.

  Enjoy the little things in life and your family if you are lucky enough to be with them.

  By now you may understand why we did not buy a tree this year. No way we could match these.

  It will be a simple Midnight Mass and then sleep and a Christmas day diner at the Resort for us. 

  Hope you enjoyed the pics.

  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Heat Index hit 91

No breeze today
Today was brutal to be in the parks. The temp was 87 by noon and humidity 86% and SUN with no breeze made for a short day for us. The parks were very crowded and we decided to wait another day when it should only get up to 75 degrees. We only walked 3.8 miles, but did not want to get too hot to enjoy the rest of the week in the parks.

  After coming home early, we got packages to the post office and some grocery shopping done. I also got the BBQ grill Blue Rhino LP replaced with a full one. Other than that we enjoyed  our great air conditioning with the Kitty.

A nice smooth coaster The Hulk

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Boat Parade

  It was nice to see the Island Boat Parade again. We stood on the bridge at the staging area, where the parade starts. It is fun to see the shenanigans going on before they get serious about the parade. Mr Law Enforcement was out there also. After they checked out a boat, the PA enhanced party barge that directs the boats, started playing the theme song from COPS. ' Watchca gonna do, Watchca gonna do when they come for you.'

  This exercising in a theme park has been fun so far. I like all the Christmas decorations and music. 

  It is still in the mid 80's and very humid. I would almost call it hot.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wifey Enjoyed Being In Parade

  Sometimes you get an idea and it becomes a quest. Wifey has watched the people holding the giant balloons and decided she wanted to try it. So for just that reason, we went to Universal Studios' today. 

  She is posing in front of the elf ( a small version ) and was a handler on the elf balloon on a gusty afternoon. It takes three hours for training etc and the parade it'self. She is very happy she did it, one of those saw it on tv as a kid and still had it on her mind things. 

  They are decorated very well for Christmas and the parade is very nice to see.

  Even though it was Friday, there were no crowds if you stayed out of Harry Potter lands. We walked in and quickly exited back to an almost empty park. It was so nice to be able to go on rides with a 10 minute wait. I rode 3 coasters and two rides with almost no wait at all. The weather was great and even though I only walked 8 miles, it was a tiring day for both of us.

  They have a lot of performers on stilts, very talented people for sure.

Finally rode Twirl A Hurl 
  After the park closed, we ate at a great Italian place in their land of food, movies and night life. It was a wonderful day indeed. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vivofit 3 keeping me moving

  Our plan of walking inside Disney every other day has worked out great for us. On park days we walk 8.5 to 9.6 miles each time and then have a rest day of about a mile walked. The Hollywood park has a Jingle Bang show that ends Friday and has been great to see. We saw it twice and EPCOT has a extra fireworks show also which we saw last night. I have really been getting my fireworks fix in lately. The weather has been wonderful also.

  We have been using Fast Pass+ each day and that breaks up the walks and makes it more fun. We hit about 3 rides in each of the two parks each day. Sometimes just for the air conditioning.

  I had good news from my Doc visit, Gout treatment is over. He will monitor me for a few more years, but the Uloric and my diet change and weight loss now has my Uric acid level too low. He also says my lumps of crystals are now gone from my joint lube sacs and that was the goal of the treatment ( he used more technical terms. ) I will still get twice a year blood tests to make sure all is OK. All else was good in my test results also, amazing what a change of diet can do. So two less pills each day and Cardio Doc has reduced my dose of pills by half also. 

 My BP has been staying around 115 to 127 over 63 to 74 for the last month and my pulse does not run too high when hiking in Utah or walking fast here in the flat lands. My weight is stuck at about 198 now and it will take more effort to get it lower. I will have it under 195 in May when we return home, so I can get my free acro plane ride.

  Gas prices have gone up quite a bit and I paid $ 2.11 a gallon to fill up today.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Battled Crowds to get my 19K Steps Done

Boat Launch to Magic Kingdom

  Kathy had managed to get us Fast Passes for today and since I walk a lot at Disney, off we went. It is 63 miles from our driveway to the parking lot at Disney, since it is almost all toll road it takes less than an hour to get there.

  We walked all the way around the Magic Kingdom and only went on two rides.

 Then we took the monorail to EPCOT and walked around the World Showcase twice. I was a feeling the burn by then and knew I had indeed walked nine miles. 

We left just before the fireworks show and had enjoyed Soarin again, the Sea aquarium and also the Pixar film shorts show. The micro bear place was open, but wifey was not up to a beer at that time. It was a fun filled day with Cardio Exercise that felt like just having fun. The temp was 71 degrees and low humidity.
Manatee enjoying Romaine lettuce 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Enjoyed our Disney Resort time

Rode Everest roller coaster 11 times in a row
  Last night we drove back to the Cabana after our very long Disney blast was over. It was very enjoyable and I got a lot of cardio exercise done without feeling like I did. It was also fun seeing all the Christmas decorations and music and singers, really put me in the holiday mood.

My most enjoyable ride in Animal Kingdom

  Now we will just be chilling around the local area until Christmas. Perhaps a trip or two to Universal Studios for coasters and Christmas lights etc. Today is an overcast 52 degrees with a light breeze, kinda chilly if you are not doing any work. I put up my two strands of lights and that is all the decorating we do. Seems several townhouses have those new projection lights on, they are a lot less work and look kinda neat, but wifey says 'NO' and so I will hang lights each year. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hot and Humid in Disney

  After visiting Mr Kitty and doing a few errands, it was back to the resort and into Disney World again. The parks have not been crowded, but the line for the new Frozen ride stays at 75 minutes each day. We have been on most every ride at least once now and have attended the Candle Light Choir. 

  In the parks we bring our own water and peanut butter sandwiches along with nuts and granola bars to eat. Universal has very good tasting and affordable food for sale, but Disney has not got with the program on that one yet. So we take a break in the day and eat a good meal at the resort.

  Our first five days were mid 70's and dry, but now it has been mid 80's and humid. Today was passing heavy showers and we managed to stay dry, but humidity is even higher now. Tomorrow should be dry air again and back in the mid 70's, perhaps for a few days.  

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Island Christmas Parade

  We drove back to the Cabana to spend some time with Mr Kitty. We discovered it was also the island Christmas parade and so we watched it. Small town parades are quite fun to me.

  There were about 90 entrants and some were floats and some bands and some bicycles.

  The day started and ended in the 70's and very low humidity, perfect for me.

  I was disappointed at the lack of cool cars. This island has many old exotic cars and they are driven on Sundays. It would have been nice to see a few.

  After the parade it was spend time with Mr Kitty. He is a very social people cat and even though we had a pet sitter, was very happy to see us. It was a fun productive day and good for kitty.
Nice to see Jack made the parade

  The boat parade is a lot of fun to see also. It is at night and is very long. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Enjoyed a Do Little Day

  Having to slow down a bit, just too much walking each day. My Vivofit3 shows I have been walking about 7 miles a day. I know walking is a big reason I visit the parks, but I needed a down day. So today was chill out and enjoy other things and be happy. Vivofit3 says I only walked 1.8 miles all day. The weather is still wonderful and perfect for sandals, shorts and T shirt.