Saturday, December 10, 2016

Battled Crowds to get my 19K Steps Done

Boat Launch to Magic Kingdom

  Kathy had managed to get us Fast Passes for today and since I walk a lot at Disney, off we went. It is 63 miles from our driveway to the parking lot at Disney, since it is almost all toll road it takes less than an hour to get there.

  We walked all the way around the Magic Kingdom and only went on two rides.

 Then we took the monorail to EPCOT and walked around the World Showcase twice. I was a feeling the burn by then and knew I had indeed walked nine miles. 

We left just before the fireworks show and had enjoyed Soarin again, the Sea aquarium and also the Pixar film shorts show. The micro bear place was open, but wifey was not up to a beer at that time. It was a fun filled day with Cardio Exercise that felt like just having fun. The temp was 71 degrees and low humidity.
Manatee enjoying Romaine lettuce 


  1. A lot of people in one place.

    1. It was the most we have ever put up with. Normally when we see a park this crowded, we try another or later or just skip Disney completely. They seem to like crowds, as they have made their Florida Resident pass better and more enticing to show up. It was also a weekend and locals were out of school and work. Will be back again on Monday and see if the Christmas rush has started.

  2. We like coming the first week of December but this year was like a zoo. I've never seen so many people there at this time. Do you think it's this new special holiday Mickey party that folks pay extra for and they close the park at 7 to just them? What are the new residents' enticements? It is a great place for exercise. I've only done 9 or more miles a couple of times.

    1. Just back from the parks again tonight, Hollywood crowded and EPCOT was not. The weather was awesome though and we really enjoyed the Jingle Bang fireworks show. Only 8.6 miles walked according to my Vivofit3.
      I was told free parking and no blackout for spring break were added this year. Hope you are still enjoying the parks.