Friday, December 9, 2016

Enjoyed our Disney Resort time

Rode Everest roller coaster 11 times in a row
  Last night we drove back to the Cabana after our very long Disney blast was over. It was very enjoyable and I got a lot of cardio exercise done without feeling like I did. It was also fun seeing all the Christmas decorations and music and singers, really put me in the holiday mood.

My most enjoyable ride in Animal Kingdom

  Now we will just be chilling around the local area until Christmas. Perhaps a trip or two to Universal Studios for coasters and Christmas lights etc. Today is an overcast 52 degrees with a light breeze, kinda chilly if you are not doing any work. I put up my two strands of lights and that is all the decorating we do. Seems several townhouses have those new projection lights on, they are a lot less work and look kinda neat, but wifey says 'NO' and so I will hang lights each year. 


  1. 11 times! Twice would be a record for me. Glad you enjoyed your time there. Looking forward to seeing the lights. Merry Christmas!