Monday, December 19, 2016

Heat Index hit 91

No breeze today
Today was brutal to be in the parks. The temp was 87 by noon and humidity 86% and SUN with no breeze made for a short day for us. The parks were very crowded and we decided to wait another day when it should only get up to 75 degrees. We only walked 3.8 miles, but did not want to get too hot to enjoy the rest of the week in the parks.

  After coming home early, we got packages to the post office and some grocery shopping done. I also got the BBQ grill Blue Rhino LP replaced with a full one. Other than that we enjoyed  our great air conditioning with the Kitty.

A nice smooth coaster The Hulk


  1. Sauna weather. Even worse in crowds. Probably wise to take a pass and wait for a cooler day.

  2. We've had a 'heat wave' here in 'the tropics' today ... up to 36° and really nice outside. Thank you for your post ... the pictures and content warmed me and the hounds up.