Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hot and Humid in Disney

  After visiting Mr Kitty and doing a few errands, it was back to the resort and into Disney World again. The parks have not been crowded, but the line for the new Frozen ride stays at 75 minutes each day. We have been on most every ride at least once now and have attended the Candle Light Choir. 

  In the parks we bring our own water and peanut butter sandwiches along with nuts and granola bars to eat. Universal has very good tasting and affordable food for sale, but Disney has not got with the program on that one yet. So we take a break in the day and eat a good meal at the resort.

  Our first five days were mid 70's and dry, but now it has been mid 80's and humid. Today was passing heavy showers and we managed to stay dry, but humidity is even higher now. Tomorrow should be dry air again and back in the mid 70's, perhaps for a few days.  


  1. We got drenched multiple times in Epcot but enjoyed Soarin twice and the new Frozen as well.

  2. We could not bring ourselves to stand in line for Frozen, will see it later. Sure hope it was good. We just watched the Wishes fireworks show from our veranda, very good view. Tired after Magic Kingdom in the morning and EPCOT tonight.

  3. "Hot and Humid" sounds great to me this morning here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana, at 29° ... LOL