Saturday, December 3, 2016

Island Christmas Parade

  We drove back to the Cabana to spend some time with Mr Kitty. We discovered it was also the island Christmas parade and so we watched it. Small town parades are quite fun to me.

  There were about 90 entrants and some were floats and some bands and some bicycles.

  The day started and ended in the 70's and very low humidity, perfect for me.

  I was disappointed at the lack of cool cars. This island has many old exotic cars and they are driven on Sundays. It would have been nice to see a few.

  After the parade it was spend time with Mr Kitty. He is a very social people cat and even though we had a pet sitter, was very happy to see us. It was a fun productive day and good for kitty.
Nice to see Jack made the parade

  The boat parade is a lot of fun to see also. It is at night and is very long. 


  1. Parades are always fun on water or land. I agree, every parade needs to invite antique car owners. Just don't put those politicians or beauty queens in them.