Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vivofit 3 keeping me moving

  Our plan of walking inside Disney every other day has worked out great for us. On park days we walk 8.5 to 9.6 miles each time and then have a rest day of about a mile walked. The Hollywood park has a Jingle Bang show that ends Friday and has been great to see. We saw it twice and EPCOT has a extra fireworks show also which we saw last night. I have really been getting my fireworks fix in lately. The weather has been wonderful also.

  We have been using Fast Pass+ each day and that breaks up the walks and makes it more fun. We hit about 3 rides in each of the two parks each day. Sometimes just for the air conditioning.

  I had good news from my Doc visit, Gout treatment is over. He will monitor me for a few more years, but the Uloric and my diet change and weight loss now has my Uric acid level too low. He also says my lumps of crystals are now gone from my joint lube sacs and that was the goal of the treatment ( he used more technical terms. ) I will still get twice a year blood tests to make sure all is OK. All else was good in my test results also, amazing what a change of diet can do. So two less pills each day and Cardio Doc has reduced my dose of pills by half also. 

 My BP has been staying around 115 to 127 over 63 to 74 for the last month and my pulse does not run too high when hiking in Utah or walking fast here in the flat lands. My weight is stuck at about 198 now and it will take more effort to get it lower. I will have it under 195 in May when we return home, so I can get my free acro plane ride.

  Gas prices have gone up quite a bit and I paid $ 2.11 a gallon to fill up today.


  1. Like those Christmas trees and good job in the better health department.

  2. Glad to hear about the health improvements due to diet change. The pictures of the Christmas lights so close to the word 'air conditioning' makes it interesting as I see here at 9° this morning.