Friday, December 16, 2016

Wifey Enjoyed Being In Parade

  Sometimes you get an idea and it becomes a quest. Wifey has watched the people holding the giant balloons and decided she wanted to try it. So for just that reason, we went to Universal Studios' today. 

  She is posing in front of the elf ( a small version ) and was a handler on the elf balloon on a gusty afternoon. It takes three hours for training etc and the parade it'self. She is very happy she did it, one of those saw it on tv as a kid and still had it on her mind things. 

  They are decorated very well for Christmas and the parade is very nice to see.

  Even though it was Friday, there were no crowds if you stayed out of Harry Potter lands. We walked in and quickly exited back to an almost empty park. It was so nice to be able to go on rides with a 10 minute wait. I rode 3 coasters and two rides with almost no wait at all. The weather was great and even though I only walked 8 miles, it was a tiring day for both of us.

  They have a lot of performers on stilts, very talented people for sure.

Finally rode Twirl A Hurl 
  After the park closed, we ate at a great Italian place in their land of food, movies and night life. It was a wonderful day indeed. 


  1. LOL at your saying you "only walked 8 miles". Boy how things have changed! Congrats to "wifey" for accomplishing a childhood goal.

    1. Amazing how much more energy I have now. Wifey is still happy about her parade experience, glad she did it.