Saturday, July 22, 2017

Did not make it above the tree line

  The pic above is the Sun. It was taken with Nikon D-7200 at 300mm ISO 100 1/500 sec with a white light filter attached. The pic below at 1/125 sec. I am trying different settings and hope to have myself dialed in soon. I wanted the professional filter yet did not have $ 1600 sitting around to be spent. So I got the $ 13 eclipse special. It is cardboard and thin silver coated plastic. You may see many photo attempts.

  I got two since they looked flimsy and I figured I would break one.

Available on Amazon 

  So that has been my outside playing for today, yard mowing got delayed. It is not like there are not a lot of chores to be done, I am just beyond lazy.

  Yesterday was my first attempt in over 20 years to hike to the top of the Eklutna Twin Peaks trail. I used to do it weekly just to stay in hiking shape. Now I only made it to the old car in the woods. I did not take bug spray and the flies were driving me nuts. I was also wearing jeans and it was a warm day. So even though my goal was not met, I called it quits and walked down. My pants, shirt, and hat were soaked with sweat and it took 3 hours to do, we only made it about a thousand feet up the hill. The hike levels out a lot later on and is 2.6 miles long with an 1800 foot gain. You start at 1500 feet elevation you can drive to. The State Parks Department lists it as difficult. I knew I would have to try it weekly for a month before being in shape to get to the top. I really thought I would make it above the tree line though. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Binge Watched 11.22.63

  This is just a simple post of a simple day. A few years ago I read a Stephen King novel 11.22.63 about time travel, non-stop over 24 hours. Today I saw it had been made into a mini series and Kathy and I watched the whole series today. There were breaks for food and putting trash out, but no other distractions. It is on Hulu. They did a good job of staying with the story line and we both enjoyed it.

  Hope all you guys had a more productive day.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hung out with old friend today

Fresh Overhauled Lycoming O-360 engine 180 hp

  I awoke very early for me and gave my early riser friend a call. He was shocked I was awake and asked if I was free for the day. Yes, I was. So he picked me up and we drove 60 miles to his other house and hanger. He wanted to deliver a part for a mechanic to install on his airplane.

1957 Cessna 172 with Continental O-300 engine 145 hp 

  Cliff decided to upgrade his old yet fun to fly C 172. He now has all the parts and paperwork to make the engine change. I myself love the smooth running six cly O-300. Anyway, it appears I will not get a plane ride with him this Summer.

  I walked around his hanger and snapped a few pics with my phone. It is pretty junky, but a lot of cool toys in there.

Model B John Deere 

Tiny piston bore and giant valves on 2 cly pony motor

  Hope I am around when they get this Cat D-4 ready to start.

  I enjoyed my time with him as he ran errands and now just spending time in my man cave. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

8 miles in 3 hours made me tired

  Today was a break from low clouds and rain and it made it over 70 degrees. We did a couple errands and drove out to our favorite lake walking trail. Fortunately, it was a windy day and that kept the biting bugs grounded. We started with a six-mile cardio workout walk, but it morphed into an ass kicking eight miles in a three-hour walk. After an hour we were able to eat our peanut butter sandwiches, but neither of us wanted dinner. We drove home and took off our dirty clothes and took long hot showers. I am writing this just before bed.

  I packed light and these pics were with my Moto 4 G. I did take my new toy along, but too tired to play with it tonight. I finally got a GoPro Hero 5 Session which is a tiny 1.5 inch square. It records 60fps video for 17.5 minutes per file and most of all it has great video stabilization. It will record for an hour provided you stop at 17 min and restart a new file. I made a lot of 2 minute videos. On this walk, I just kept it in my hand and it has one button quick push to start recording. It can be completely controlled by my Moto 4G via bluetooth.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

30 Canadian Pesos Well Spent

  This is attempt two at making this post.

  Nephew Dave who works in Ontario Canada now got a day off and went to the Tall Boats and took a two-hour ride.  He took all these pics with a Samsung S 4 smart phone he carries.

  Hope this works.

  This was his text to me with the pics.
 Took a 2 hour sail on the Empire Sandy this morning. Pretty good trip for 30 Canadian pesos. I was still hoping we'd hoist an American flag and set fire to the harbor, but no luck on that 1812 re-enactment.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New grill and flower pics

Purchased on closeout sale July 4th for $135

  My grill I had bought in 1996 had finally failed. I had replaced the burner and heat/grease shield three times over the years. Amazon always had parts for it, but not the gas control and so it was useless now. We considered going without a grill, as it only gets used about once a week.

  They loaded the assembled grill into our old van and I got it out and set up. It had not been planned, but we barbecued on the 4th after all. It was very quiet this year as we were the only family on street for the holiday and we were staying home. I had hung my flags and that was all I did for the 4th.

  Summer is here and wildflowers are in bloom now.

    I have two days left in this phone billing cycle and have used just over 103 Gig of data on my hot spot watching movies on all these rainy days we have had. The Sun is out now and I will be outside as much as possible, so I doubt much more data will be used. If I understand the bill correctly, I am paying $ 124 a month for two smartphones on one unlimited plan. The high-speed internet is great.

  All flower pics were taken in neighbors yards as I go out each day to see if my camera will fail again. So far it works as advertised. Not a lot else going on in our lives, Kathy mailed the package to get out Brazil Visa for our trip in November. I have gained a lot of weight since February and for last month holding 220 dressed to fly. I know larger portion size and starting back to drinking beer is the reason, so I am trying to slowly cut back to where I was before when I was losing weight. My BP is still about 117 over 69 with a pulse of 93 after a thirty-minute workout on a fitness machine we have.

  That is all from our neck of the woods.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Groupon Day for Us and Canada Day for Nephew

  There were ideas of flying to Detroit and getting nephew Dave's Mustang GT convertible out of storage and then driving to a small town on the shore of Lake Ontario to spend the 4th of July with him. Unfortunately, the plan was concocted too late and the airline tickets were too expensive.

  So he enjoyed the local town festival and we enjoyed one of Kathy;s Groupon days. It was overcast and chilly here, with light rain thrown in for good measure. The activity was a class on using a potters wheel and making two things to be fired. I would need a few more classes to be able to make something to keep. It was a lot of fun though and I did not need to dress up for the event. 

  I did not make it to the gun range this week. I had been waiting for my enhanced trigger group and it came Thursday, but lazy me did not get it installed. Hopefully, I will have it ready to go by Tuesday. It should have a smooth and light 0.6-pound trigger pull. The one that came with the gun feels like pulling a razor blade over 200 grit sand paper. And requires a standard 6-pound pull. I am amazed I was able to get 20 rounds into a 1 inch box at 100 yards with it. I have hopes of a 1/2 inch group when I get it dialed in. 

  I printed a coupon for a $ 25 oil change at our local Dodge dealer and will get my van oil changed tomorrow. I just do not feel confident with that oil filter on top of the engine. So for the price, let some who does it many times a day do it. They also reset the change oil indicator and top off fluids, that is worth the hassle anyway.

  The next Groupon was for a new restaurant we had never eaten at and now will never go again. We were both able to eat for $11, but it was not worth much more than that anyway. They were busy, so some people must like it. Kathy seldom lets me eat out anyway and I feel I wasted my opportunity.

  The camera has not failed again and I snap a few pics every day to test it. Perhaps it was a passing gremlin.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A few more pics

  Just a few trip pics tonight. We stayed at another resort so we could do the hikes we wanted inside Denali Park. Then it was a nice drive back home. The Nikon D 7200 is behaving for now.