Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting used to snow

  Been here 50 hours now. She was a very cold and then snowy Winter up here. Kitty is happy and we found the house in great shape.

This noisy beast flew over today

  Kathy has been to Zumba exercise class on base and I have been a slug so far. I visited a friend and drove around a bit, but otherwise stayed inside with the heat on.

  No sign of Spring yet. Melting snow and water puddles in the streets. The days start at 33 degrees and make it up close to 50, before cooling down again.

  I have a few trees to cut down and limbs to pick up, but we leave early Sunday for ten nights in Hawaii. So not starting any projects yet.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Filed in the nick of time

  We did our last Disney blast and enjoyed it a lot.

  We got lucky again with a Junior Suite at the resort. I like having all the space and a King Bed, the three balconies and two bathrooms are nice also.

  We had finished our taxes a month or so back, yet never got around to filing them. Tonight was the time, but what? A error prevented us from being able to file, so I called and got walked through the problem and the IRS accepted our return. That was a three beer effort.

Soarin, the Land and Circle of Life are all in this building

  We got very lucky on rides and staying out of crowds, made for a nice memory of the parks.

Kathy bought one of these prints, sure not cheap

Grilled Mahi was yummy at the Coral Restaurant 

Scenery is nice while you eat

  Tomorrow is get a rental car and store ours and then a last walk on Cocoa Beach and a nice diner.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

Life of the rich and famous at the South end of our island 

  Kathy had a unused Groupon for a boat tour of homes on the water at the South end of Merritt Island. So for $ 18 the two of us enjoyed two hours of house looking. There were animals to be seen also.

800 HP on a tiny 2 seat boat, love those props

  It was a wonderful 78 degree day and we both enjoyed the ride and views. It is amazing to see all the mansions on our island. Now I know why we have such a nice Home Depot and restaurants.

  After having a working $19 LG  phone with Waze for driving and Disney app for finding short lines, wifey decided she wanted one also. I chatted with Verizon help and they told me to get a Moto G4 for $ 28 and I would love it even more. I spent the afternoon setting it up and getting it on auto pay. It is bigger in size and the camera is way way better. It is also water resistant and that is a great thing. I have both phones on the 3 Gig a month with rollover and unlimited text and talk for $ 40 a month each. It is just an experiment to see if we can live with phone service that works and get used to having smart phones.

A Cormorant 

  The week was spent inside the parks and staying in the resort. Disney is super crowded with 8 to 14 year old kids now, very different than the 19 to 24 age kids at the start of Spring Break. I rode the Yetti roller coaster 8 times in a row and could have done 20 times, but was getting to bumped around to enjoy it any more. Kathy enjoyed a spa day, when I had to leave Disney for a doc appointment and spend time with Mr Kitty. It was a very enjoyable week for us.

 The doc put me back on Uloric after a short break to see what my natural uric acid levels were. I stay at 10 and need to be less than 6, so it was a good test and now I know they will be taken the rest of my life.

  Nice to look at, but I am happy to just have a roof over my head and a comfy bed. I know my limitations.

Dolphin comes up for air

  Forgot to mention, we saw CIRQUE DU SOLEIL La Nouba for the second and last time this week. It is closing for good at the end of the year. This is an amazing show to see and if you are near Disney, go watch it. We had front row seats this time and the very top row last time. Both are great, there is a lot going on at the same time and being close you miss some of it. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Groupon Day

Another Groupon adventure

  It was a Sunny cool day down here in Florida and there be alligators to be seen, along with Zebra and a few other exotic animals. We drove to the location kinda close to Disney World and it looked like the biggest tourist trap I'd seen in a long time. I found it to be a very interesting place to visit run by nice and helpful staff. We all enjoyed our time there on the farm.


  Many types of wine are sold and they have free tasting also. They have almost anything you might want in fruit and snacks, even good boiled peanuts.

Blenders make frozen wine and fruit juice yummy things

  The truck ride is interesting, but not amazing. We enjoyed it though and saw a great blue heron score a big fish. Gator sighting was kinda poor, I think we saw four, but the guide was witty and said the rest were at a convention at another pond they did not have access to.

  Plenty of fun signs around and lots of old farm machinery to look at.

Looks all mean and tough, yet powered by a Ford 370 CI bus engine

  Made it back to the Cabana in time to grill chicken for diner, good meal tonight. Laundry and packing being done as our house guest heads to the airport tomorrow morning. We spend a few days inside Disney and Kitty holds down the Cabana. Got to take advantage of this dry air.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

When Norcold runs on LP, but not AC, shop Amazon

  While on our mini vacation on the beach, our reliable Norcold fridge would not run on AC. It worked great on propane and that is how I used it for a few days. Being tired after our trip and setting up camper and going to San Diego Wild Animal Park and making it back for wine at the Tiki on the beach for Sunset, I slept well. The next day my fixit mind started working and I got out the multimeter and went to work finding what was wrong.

Charming to visit and yummy to eat frozen yogurt and dip ice cream place on Main St Titusville

  After thinking it trough, I checked AC power to control box, OK. Then removed leads to the ammonia heater and ohmed the leads to see 23 ohms, OK. That left two possible parts. The control box or the selector panel inside on top of the fridge. 

Saturn IV and later Space Shuttle launch pads

  We had an IPad with us but no internet service, so we could go to Mc D for internet or come up with a better idea. It dawned on my rusty mind, that I had a company IPhone back in the day and used it for WiFi for my laptop. Now if I could remember how I did it, perhaps my $19 pre pay phone would do the same. I first thought, call one of the IT super brains I worked with, then thought no, they would think I was now senile. I was determined to solve this myself and once started, it was easy and Verizon was great for net surfing. Wifey had never used a phone as a hot spot and was amazed I knew such things. I contacted Norcold and got confirmation that my trouble shooting had narrowed down the problem and the guy told me the part number for the card I needed. The black control box was just a big cover over a tiny circuit card. I could buy it from them or best to find on Amazon. So armed with part number I found it on Amazon and ordered it to be shipped FedX. It came two days later and was an easy install and fixed my problem.

Cover removed and circuit card behind to the left.

  I also did not cover the cool new beach sand trash remover the Marines got. It appears to work great and dumps the trash into a standard trash dumpster, fun to watch.

  That was a fun trip and it reconfirmed we are ten night camper people. Longer than that and it starts to get small for us. We learned this years ago and that is why we are Snow Birds.

The bucket on the rear opens a dumpster and empties itself, way cool
  All pics from $ 19 cell phone. The last one was cropped and you can see the low resolution. Just been beach walks and micro brew beers for me.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It was a great Vacation!

Anza Borrego Park

  Back at the Cabana on a hot muggy afternoon. We got back at 1 AM and took a while to unwind from the flight. I got grocery basics, farmers market and filled car with gas and got it washed. It needed a half of a quart of oil also, as it has developed a valve cover seep. Dang it, they are a chore to change on this V6 squeezed into a tiny space. May be a dealer fix next Winter.

 Not even unpacked yet and Kathy has picked up her friend at the airport to stay with us a week or so. The weather is going to cool off tomorrow and stay that way a while. This is the swamp before a cold front, thought they would be over by now. 

Our Alaska yard has about three feet of snow on it according to my neighbor who called. Hope it is gone by the 20th when we get there.

Scott was acrobatic instructor when he got this job, lucky dude.

  That Airshow ride is still on my mind and I want many more. A outside loop is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be. Gotta do more. They are a great place to do the rare flight. I recommend them 100%. I plan to be back for another ride in late September.

As addicting as Crack Cocaine 

  We had many fun day trips and really enjoyed this vacation. The Desert Bloom is something to see and I had no allergy problems. 

1994 Winnebago Adventurer with 69, 435 miles 

  Will this play?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Zoo. Micro brew tour. Concert. Great day

  Just another day in Paradise.  Wake up with the Bird's chirping and then watch the tiki views of the Beach. That makes a happy wife, but it just the start of a long great day.

  The Groupon Queen had the day planned. We had way more fun than I thought possible for less than $ 50.

  She met a twenty something girl who was using a Groupon also, instant soulmates for
Living life on a budget.

  Sunrise now and a hundred or so Marines running past the camper, soon it will be tanks and anphibs rumbling by. Yesterday was fun and play, but today will be camper stuff and walks on the beach.

 Tomorrow we store the camper and drive to the airport for our return to the Cabana. It sure has been a fun West Coast get away.

 The campground has bee full, mostly 5th wheels, but a lot of new looking diesel pushers.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Acrobatic Ride in Extra 330

 Signed release for nothing. Flight was airshow winner and landed safe. Made my vacation. Just another great day in San Diego.

 Sorry so short and no pics, made on my$19 phone. Typing is not easy for me using thumbs.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sunny Beach Walks Each Day

Del Mar is the life for me. Up early for coffee under the tiki and then a long walk. Old camper still doing fine. We go for a drive each day, places between here and Salton Sea. Rains have the desert plants blooming many wonderful colors. Diner each night is at a micro brew and then watch Sunset from the Beach. 72 and Sunny every day.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1960 Chevy Impala at car show

1960 Chevy with 348 six pack 

  I wanted to find the rifle range to shoot my gun today. I had never been there and had directions, but failed to locate the place. ( Google Earth showed my error, so I made new directions for next time.)

The engine runs on the center carb unless the gas pedal is floored

  As we enjoyed the drive anyway, we noticed a big car show going on. I did not have a camera, but Kathy convinced me to stop and enjoy the sights. Sure glad she did. I have a fondness for 1960 Chevy Impalas' with the big flat fins and cool doors and dash.

Always liked the valve covers on the 348/409 engines

    This one has an alternator upgrade, but otherwise stock. I worked on these as a kid, see the dwell window on the distributor cap just to the right of the vacuum advance. That was a pain in the rear.

  There were about 150 show cars there, but my favorite was two Ford Falcon Sprint cars, a 1963 and 1964. This was the first time I had seen a real one. We had built copies as teens, but these are factory stock. Very light cars with a 289 Ford and 4 speed transmission. Built to be street racers with the Chevy Nova etc of the time.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Went to Universal to Ride Coasters

  A visit to Universal was in order for exercise and distraction. The taxes are complete, but not yet filed. We are still in the 15% tax bracket and that is quite a relief for me. Nothing like some professional help to resolve some issues and all is OK with the IRS. 

  It was a breezy 77 degree day and I rode four roller coasters including my favorite in the first pic, the HULK. We walked just over seven miles and really enjoyed the day. 

  I am starting to like phone pics and someday may have a phone like my friend that has a camera on par with a DSLR. Then again I may lose it and it costs a fortune. This $19 phone is serving me well and if I lose long. 

  Kathy has Groupons for a Rubucon Jeep ride in Borrego Springs California and a Beer tour and a 8G acrobatic ride in a stunt plane for me. Yes, after a few more days inside Disney, we fly back out to the camper to spend another 10 nights on the beach. She is busy filling in all our days with fun things to be doing. Life with her is a good time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doing Taxes Blows


  We have been very busy inside Disney and happy the crowds are less. Then we had a day of rest before starting taxes today. 

Looking for deductions

 There has to be a better way of making sure the government got their share. I found it stressful and had to take a break in the middle. 

 Now we will wait a few days to let ideas bounce around our heads. Perhaps an income or deduction will pop into our heads, it has worked in the past.

 Our taxes would be very easy, but I have a stock trading hobby. That adds complexity with gains and losses to all be accounted for. Need to make a few phone calls tomorrow. Hope my dreams come true.

Another bird

  Otherwise life has been simple, walks, laundry, shopping, etc. 

Not all birds have flown North yet
This Rosette Spoon Bill might be