Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Sunny Day

As we looked at clouds, my friend took this pic of Denali, from an A Star 350 helicopter

  Anchorage had a Sunny nice day and we enjoyed it. Then rain and a clear afternoon today. My friend Shaun came over after work and helped me change the belt on my 1995 Caravan. It is a bear of a job for one person. It was a lot of work for two and he is a mechanic.

 Picked up my brother and his wife at the airport. They will be spending a week with us, hope they see some Sunshine during their stay. It was Sunny at ten PM when we drove home, I told them to look at all the mountains now as they might not see them again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Found Sun in Denali Park

  Today we decided to drive to the park and hike in the rain. Sure glad we thought to bring our rain gear inside, it was pouring at the lodge.

  It is 121 miles from the lodge to the Savage River hike parking lot. As we passed the 80 mile point, the sky cleared a bit and the Sun came out. The park is open, but still early in the season and some things not open or being fixed etc. The park is higher and colder than North or South of it.

  Kathy had a nice lunch packed and we ate well. After that it was a nice Sunny walk on park trails. We were most happy with our day and drove back into the rain towards the lodge.

  The people at the lodge got a big hail storm and piles of hail are still around. Denali is still hiding in the clouds. It is a fact that most tourist never see it, due to clouds.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Low Clouds, Rain This Week

 Been doing OK, nothing interesting to post lately. After a week of rain, we drove to a lodge we forgot to cancel. We knew it would rain here also, but sometimes it is light snow.

If we leave the room today, we will take a hike in the light snow. There is very little to see in Denali Park now with fog, low clouds, and light snow.

Should have checked the weather before it was too late to cancel. Thankfully the Obama Phone works as a hotspot and we can watch movies on Amazon Prime. No internet at the lodge, but they have comfy rooms and good food.

That is all that is going on with us for now.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Just too Much Going On To Be Real

  It has been a very busy time in Seward. Up at 6 am and walking up to view Exit Glacier, then checking out of our room and moving to another. After a few Bourbon and cokes I crashed for a short nap and then had to get dressed to attend an art show. I am not much for hob nob social events, but had fun anyway.

  There is an Antique Tractor plowing show in Palmer Alaska tomorrow. If I get going on time, I may get to see it. Not much chance of that.


  Tomorrow will be back to normal life with Kitty and yard work. There will be helicopter flights and exorcise etc, just how I live life now.

Jumping Orcas

A mirage seen today
  Today was an amazing clear and warm day for Seward Alaska. We went on a four hour pre-paid, two for one whale viewing cruise. It was on an enclosed catamaran with Kenai Fiords, a very good company to use. There were Orca whales out the kazoo since fish were also.

  The water was smooth and no rocking of the boat, yet liberal Kathy got ill. She got over it quickly when the man put on a jacket and kept it on.

  It was a really great day and quite a mind bender considering we were walking on the beach in Waikiki so few hours before. Today was glaciers and snowy mountains with a perfect blue sky.

Pic shot from hip, Orca came completely out of the water, amazing 

  After the tour we walked 2.5 miles for exercise and then I had my 1st pizza since last July. Black olives and mushrooms on a thin crisp crust, yummy. I had wanted my meal at my favorite Italian place in Seward, alas I was glad I did. The owners sold it last October and for now they still make pizza like it was, but the oven and cook have been sold to another place and everything will be different before the Summer tourist get here.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Arrived In Seward AK Just before Dark

Gilligan's Island filmed here

  After a wonderful fun last day in Waikiki, up with Sunrise and water aerobics for Kathy and Kona Long board lager on the Lanai for me. We had a late check out so there was time for showers after our beach walk. 

Waikiki Beech

  Then left our bags at the Bell Hop and ate our last salad for lunch. Then we spent the afternoon inside the military museum and watched the Sunset one last time. Then it was Speedy Shuttle $ 30 back to the airport. Our flight had been delayed so we had plenty of time for going through normal TSA as we were not allowed Pre Check for the first time in 6 or more years. I wonder why anyone flies anymore after that. They had a minor cow event over my Nitro Glycerin pills I carry everywhere. I had to explain each drug in my possession, as I had them in 7 day carrier instead of giant prescription bottles. I told them I had a heart attack in August and if they had one also they would be taking pills daily like me, that was what chilled them out and they said OK. Since I had to give them my shoes and belt and they pulled that crap...I let my shorts fall to my ankles. They were then trying to get rid of me quickly after that. 

Hale Koa Military Resort

  The delayed flight got us into Anchorage around 8 am and we were home by 9 am. Kitty appears fine and did not care that we were back. I was very tired and went to bed until Kathy awoke me for a Doc appointment at 2 pm. We  had errands after that and  got a late start on our drive to Seward. It was a beautiful Sunny drive through the snowy mountains and traffic was light. Now snug as a bug in the Seward Resort.

Diamond Head

 The $ 19 Verizon phone no longer works. I asked Verizon and they said I could get my money back, but the phone will not work anymore. So what it says on the box is real. The phone lasts two months from activation. I had really started to like it. I can still use as a camera or flashlight or paper weight.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trying to survive a Booze Cruise

  Feeling like stupid teens, we took a boat ride with all you can drink. A bad idea for people our age.

  It was fun and we enjoyed it a bit too much. After much water and a great diner, we still feel semi drunk. We walked two miles also, but know we made a mistake. Been years since we did a stupid thing like this.

  Otherwise it was a great day. Try to act your age. Still been lucky with no rain.

Update;  We awoke feeling great. I had no idea we would even wake up. It is another Sunny warm day and Kathy is in the pool. Sure hope we learned from that brain cell killing event.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pearl Harbor Again

Worked on the F 104 in my early 20's. They still fly today.

  I wanted to revisit all the museums and hopefully take better pics. I started at 7 am and was there until mid afternoon.

  It was a good day and not too crowded. People were nice and in their own world, until I went into the sub that is. I crossed paths with a real jerk. He tried to get in without paying, after cutting in line ahead of me. His wife got it paid and tried to calm situation. I quickly moved ahead in order to look at sub and take pics.

  I was at the communications station and enjoying figuring out what was what. He came in, loud and giving a tour to about ten people. I an not an expert on WWII Fleet sub's, but know more than most tourists. This guy was clueless and making shit up as he went.

  I quickly moved ahead and so did he. So then I got behind his group, so I could get some pics. One of his followers saw me and asked a technical question. So I answered it correctly and in detail.

  The shit hit the fan. The man from Canada informed everyone I was wrong and not to listen to me. I did not correct him, but his wife sure did. The group of tourist stayed with me and the jerk left the sub. I gave them the best tour I could and they had a lot of technical questions. They thanked me for my time and effort.

  The jerk's wife talked to me later in the museum. He is not Canadian and was in the Navy two weeks, before being dismissed. I wished her the best in life and thanked her. Dang amazing for me.

  There was a fun ride back to the hotel with a local for $5. Back streets etc for local color, very fun. Then a fine diner and a great comedy show.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Still Enjoying Ohau


  We took public transportation to Diamond Head and walked, hiked to the top. Even starting the walk at 8 am was too late for avoiding the heat.

  My suggestion if you are staying in Waikiki, is to buy a trolley pass. Much nicer and they go to all the tourist spots. We have walked our buns off.

  After the hike, we cleaned up and went to a fantastic magic show. I like mind bending magic displays.

  Today was a 30 minute tour of South Ohau in an A Star 350 helicopter. It is a great way to see how everything is laid out. Then a nice diner and Sunset beach walk.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sailed On Catamaran

  Today we were awaken by the Sunrise. I like to start my day that way. Kathy went for a garden and beach walk before exercise. I ventured to the Lanai with a cold beer and Cheerios. She will outlive me for sure, but I get to do what I want.

  My boat pics were taken with my Nikon D 7200 and I have not yet figured out how to blue tooth them to this Amazon Fire. So you get to see pics from my morning walk.

  I love our hotel room, but getting a bit concerned about having a glass wall next to my side of the bed, on the 14 floor.

  I skipped the museum after seeing this van parked in front.

  A nice diner and Sunset walk finished our day.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Island life is nice

  No rain or clouds today, nice temp and a bit humid for me. It was T shirt, shorts and sandals.

  I took some pics with my Amazon Fire, which I am using to make this post. Never tried this before.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Feels nice in Waikiki

 A long plane ride and great diner and now in same room as last time. That building I took so many pics of in now a busy Hilton hotel.

 cat sitter is taking care of kitty.

  No rain and nice temps so far.

Friday, April 28, 2017

City Steam Thawing Fire Hydrants

Kitty started drinking too much water

  At least we have working plumbing again for two days before we go on vacation. I should have just had it done the first day we noticed it. I paid $360 instead of $480, as I had got quote before price went up. Now it is charge what ever people will pay, as pipes are frozen all over the city. 

  It sure felt good to take a long hot shower and I will get in a few more before we fly out. That roughing it was kinda fun, but will not do that again. There is a chance it will be frozen when we get back from Hawaii, I sure am a winner at life sometimes.  I am amazed how used to utilities we have become, no water ARGH, no electricty ARGH, no gas ARGH, no sewer ARGH and now even no internet gets an ARGH. Spoiled is what we have become. 

  My young years were spent in a house with no bathroom and no running water. We had an out house and a bucket type shallow well. We did have electricity, though it was 30 amp 120 Vac. That ran lights and the radio and I thought we had it good.  When we moved to the city, all was different and I quickly changed into needing all it had to offer. Now I wonder if I could possibly ever go back.

 You may have seen on the news that Hawaii is in North Korea's sights. Now isn't that special. Before we left Florida the media had ideas about Alaska being within their reach. I may get to see a Nuclear explosion before I die yet. 

 Been back a week now and the snow has melted in my front yard, but my back yard is still about 6" deep under snow. The only excitement has been taking Kitty to the vet several times. Seems he now might have Diabetes, so I had to learn how to give shots. I was stunned at the cost of insulin $ 280 for 30 days worth. I looked online and see the price is up over a 1000% in the last few years, with humans taking the same drug, how can they afford it at the dose they need. He has been a good cat, but I am leaning towards time to put him down. Wifey does not agree at all. We may have to make a trip to Mexico to get his drugs next time. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sewer Pipe Frozen

  This was a very cold Winter before the protective snow came, so it caused the worst frozen sewer pipes seen in a long time according to a major pipe thawing company. They want $ 480 to open pipe and think it might very well freeze up again when we return from our trip.

Pics are from MOAB Utah area last Fall.

  So....I suggested we use a 5 gallon bucket like we both did when we traveled to some native villages in Alaska. She said "NO Honey Bucket", so it will be trips to Mc Donald's when the urge hits. It has not been a problem yet, but I remember other years and it gets old quick. Time will tell what we do.

  It has been Doc appointments and other necessary scheduled appointments getting done since we are back home. Nothing very exciting and my walks around the neighborhood are keeping me active enough. 

  My $ 19 pre paid phone expires today. Chat sessions had told me it would not happen, but got a message it will.  I tried to get it renewed today but failed. It makes no sense to me that a good phone has to be thrown away after two months, due to government program that made it available. We have been using it as a hot spot the last two days trying to use up all the paid for data. I had kinda got attached to it. UPDATE: VERIZON error, phone is OK to keep, still works.

  So it will be life without any internet for a while again. These pics sure look better than my views up here, still no sign of Spring and snow is in  the forecast this week.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting used to snow

  Been here 50 hours now. She was a very cold and then snowy Winter up here. Kitty is happy and we found the house in great shape.

This noisy beast flew over today

  Kathy has been to Zumba exercise class on base and I have been a slug so far. I visited a friend and drove around a bit, but otherwise stayed inside with the heat on.

  No sign of Spring yet. Melting snow and water puddles in the streets. The days start at 33 degrees and make it up close to 50, before cooling down again.

  I have a few trees to cut down and limbs to pick up, but we leave early Sunday for ten nights in Hawaii. So not starting any projects yet.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Filed in the nick of time

  We did our last Disney blast and enjoyed it a lot.

  We got lucky again with a Junior Suite at the resort. I like having all the space and a King Bed, the three balconies and two bathrooms are nice also.

  We had finished our taxes a month or so back, yet never got around to filing them. Tonight was the time, but what? A error prevented us from being able to file, so I called and got walked through the problem and the IRS accepted our return. That was a three beer effort.

Soarin, the Land and Circle of Life are all in this building

  We got very lucky on rides and staying out of crowds, made for a nice memory of the parks.

Kathy bought one of these prints, sure not cheap

Grilled Mahi was yummy at the Coral Restaurant 

Scenery is nice while you eat

  Tomorrow is get a rental car and store ours and then a last walk on Cocoa Beach and a nice diner.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

Life of the rich and famous at the South end of our island 

  Kathy had a unused Groupon for a boat tour of homes on the water at the South end of Merritt Island. So for $ 18 the two of us enjoyed two hours of house looking. There were animals to be seen also.

800 HP on a tiny 2 seat boat, love those props

  It was a wonderful 78 degree day and we both enjoyed the ride and views. It is amazing to see all the mansions on our island. Now I know why we have such a nice Home Depot and restaurants.

  After having a working $19 LG  phone with Waze for driving and Disney app for finding short lines, wifey decided she wanted one also. I chatted with Verizon help and they told me to get a Moto G4 for $ 28 and I would love it even more. I spent the afternoon setting it up and getting it on auto pay. It is bigger in size and the camera is way way better. It is also water resistant and that is a great thing. I have both phones on the 3 Gig a month with rollover and unlimited text and talk for $ 40 a month each. It is just an experiment to see if we can live with phone service that works and get used to having smart phones.

A Cormorant 

  The week was spent inside the parks and staying in the resort. Disney is super crowded with 8 to 14 year old kids now, very different than the 19 to 24 age kids at the start of Spring Break. I rode the Yetti roller coaster 8 times in a row and could have done 20 times, but was getting too bumped around to enjoy it any more. Kathy enjoyed a spa day, when I had to leave Disney for a doc appointment and spend time with Mr Kitty. It was a very enjoyable week for us.

 The doc put me back on Uloric after a short break to see what my natural uric acid levels were. I stay at 10 and need to be less than 6, so it was a good test and now I know they will be taken the rest of my life.

  Nice to look at, but I am happy to just have a roof over my head and a comfy bed. I know my limitations.

Dolphin comes up for air

  Forgot to mention, we saw CIRQUE DU SOLEIL La Nouba for the second and last time this week. It is closing for good at the end of the year. This is an amazing show to see and if you are near Disney, go watch it. We had front row seats this time and the very top row last time. Both are great, there is a lot going on at the same time and being close you miss some of it.