Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Enjoyed Our Vacation

  We camped 16 nights on Del Mar Beach in our very old 1994 Winnebago. It kept us warm and dry and our food cold or cooked. The shower worked great as did the toilet, kinda amazing after 15 months of neglect.

  There were three big storms and that kept most campers away. The nice thing was Sun and low 70's between each storm. We enjoyed San Diego and lots of day trips in the South California area.

  A short trip to Alaska and then back here at the Cabana, were it is sunny and cool.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Crowds gone,Extra Hours, hit 10 miles

  Have not been taking many pics of Disney, just enjoying what I see. This is a great time to be here, not many people, extra hours in the parks and temps in the 60's and low 70's. Yep I have been wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, but it has been nice.

  I rode Yetti roller coaster 12 times in a row, but a young girl was on number 25. I rode Rocking roller coaster 4 times in a row and did Hollywood Hotel too many times to remember. We both enjoyed Toy Story 4 times in a row. Great views of fireworks and street performances also. I must remember, this week is the time to live inside Disney World.

  Disney still has Christmas decorations up as not everyone's Christmas Season is over yet. Looks great!

  So it has been yummy food, lots of rides and tons of exercise this week.

  Not much of a post, but perhaps it will help me recall how great this was.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Drive Thru Sequoia is No More

After 2000 years a big storm blew it down
  With all the big events taking up the news, this event last Sunday did not get much coverage. The famous drive through Sequoia that has been in pictures since the late 1800's met it's demise.

  Many people poised for pictures over the years and brought others to see it. It was a very famous tree. I never made it there to see it and now it is too late.

  Time moves on........