Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Drive Thru Sequoia is No More

After 2000 years a big storm blew it down
  With all the big events taking up the news, this event last Sunday did not get much coverage. The famous drive through Sequoia that has been in pictures since the late 1800's met it's demise.

  Many people poised for pictures over the years and brought others to see it. It was a very famous tree. I never made it there to see it and now it is too late.

  Time moves on........


  1. So sad. We saw it years ago and I wondered how it managed for so long even then.

    1. I had heard of it since I was a kid, but never made it to see it even thought we were close. Another piece of history gone.
      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Sad indeed. We visited there in July when we stayed at Arnold CA at my brother's cabin. Beautiful park. Still lots of great hiking trails and other big trees to see. In today's age, hard to imagine what folks were thinking when they cut a hole through it...

  3. Glad you visited it. Times have changed for sure. I was amazed when I visited the petrified forest and read and saw pics of people collecting souvenirs and taking them home. We are so lucky to have National Parks etc to protect things for future kids.