Friday, February 24, 2017

R 44 ride around the Island

Two tourists going for a ride around their island $ 138

  Today was Sunny and 81 degrees and we both were ready for a car drive or something. The company I had hoped to fly with could do a flight seeing tour with us today, The dual controls were removed and the instructor was out of town with family, but if we wanted a tour, be there at 13:30. 
Pilots Ride <$4K invested

 The pilot was very knowledgeable of the local area and a good safe pilot. We both enjoyed seeing our local area from 500 feet. I learned a lot on this trip.There are locks on canals and a sub base with a Guided Missile Cruiser hanging out, It made for a very fun afternoon for both of us. Since it was the same helicopter I may fly, it was great to see the land marks and reporting points. Kinda like Recon to help me in the future.
Plan to Be There!

  Life at the Cabana is going well and I am enjoying tinkering on a project, might learn a new skill in the process. Decided to stay out of the parks until late next week, a break is a good thing. Tampa will have us busy anyway.

 Not Working For A Living Is Great!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Watching Paint Dry

  It was time to remove the new smaller alarm panel from the wall and paint the wall. We had been looking at a blue ring around the tiny panel on a yellow wall. So I put on old clothes and went into the cuby hole and found the paint. After a lot of stirring and removing the new panel, I painted the area around the alarm. As it dried....wifey asked why it was a very different color yellow. Me, seeing the problem and thinking it through, answered ( it's primer, that blue is hard to cover without it.) So back into the hole I went and found the correct yellow and started the stirring again.

  So it has been nice to stay home two days, long hot showers and our comfy bed felt great. Even Mr Kitty has been nice and content.

  A tank of gas and a paint roller and a few needed grocery's were bought, but otherwise we have stayed at the Cabana and watched TV movies  and read books on our Kindle Paper Whites.

  We really enjoyed our trip to Miami Beach and have been looking into a return trip before we travel back North. This weekend will be spent in Tampa Fl and I always enjoy that.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Duck Boat Tour

Another Groupon deal oh my

  It was a nice drive down to Miami Beach and after finding the parking garage, we went walking in search of the Duck. Parking spots are more rare here than Key West, park for the day and walk or ride the free trolley. 

Not a real USN Duck Boat, but built on a Ford F53 chassis and very stable  
  This was a great and fun way to learn the area. I was amazed how stable it was on the water with fast boats passing us.

Our tour guide was very funny and works nights as a comedian 

 Miami Beach is not in the city of Miami. It is it's own city among many islands and a lot of big money. East and West streets are numbers and North and South are names, makes it easy to walk or bike around. A decent hotel room is $ 200+ and there are a lot of condo rentals also.

Art Deco is the style here
  After the tour we went for a beach walk and had diner at the Ritz. The food and atmosphere were great. Then it was late and time for bed, so we went walking to see what the night life was like. 

  The next day was the play we had come to see and the reason for the recon we had enjoyed. It is traveling around the country and worth seeing, Beautiful is the name. Three hours after the valet parking delivered our car, we were back at the Cabana with Mr Kitty. A fun get away for sure and we will be back again.

Update: The Space X launch went perfect and it shook the Cabana, but low clouds prevented seeing it. A minute or so later the Cabana shook again, but quickly and I heard the loudest sonic boom ever. Thankfully the news was on the launch and they announced that the giant boom was just the reusable rocket returning to Merritt Island at Mach 6 and slowing down. It made a successful landing on it's pad. Now they will do it again and we move onward to the life of the Jetsons.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sebring gets $ 700 repair to keep going

C-5 A Cargo Plane

  We have been keeping up our same routine, a day in Disney for 5 to 10 mile walk and 3 to 5 rides and then a day at the Cabana to chill out. Magic Kingdom lunch is PB sandwiches on Tom Sawyer Island.  Mid April is getting closer every day and I will miss this life, so wifey got me a return trip planned and paid for. I will be back in mid June for a heat fix. She is trusting me to stay out of trouble and on my diet. I have a Universal Studios pass and a rental car, so I should be fine living in roller coaster land.

  The Cabana car has been getting a noisy right front wheel bearing for a few weeks now and I felt it was best to get it fixed before my luck ran out. Both front hubs and all spark plugs replaced this time and nothing else broken found. It has 190564 miles on it at this time and I saw one at the dealer with over 300K miles and still doing fine. The Sebring Touring is a lot like an airplane, fix it before it breaks and use a dealer for the work or know what you are doing if you fix it yourself. It is an exotic car and most die due to mechanics lack of skill. Parts were $ 80 and labor was rest.

  The parks are getting more crowded now and mostly by people from South America and a lot of American Cheer Leaders etc. Nothing wrong with a lot of teen age Cheer Leaders IMO.

  Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

San Diego harbor

Destroyer on left and Guided Missile Cruiser on right 

  Still missing the big city and many ships of San Diego, would be a nice place to live if I were rich. The Horn Blower harbor tour is very fun to take and they explain each ship and what it is can do.

CG 69 GMC a better view of equipment

  The ship above can see 20% of Earth when at sea and OTH RADAR is online, kinda amazing. They can kill other ships, subs and aircraft from a long way away. Too Cool. They also carry two SH-60 helicopters to patrol for subs. The Phalanx gun is the white and grey thing just below the windows, the black dot is the Gatling gun. It is last defense against aircraft that get too close.

Rear view of Destroyer
 Today was weigh ourselves day and my falling off the wagon shows on the scale. I am 204 pounds dressed to fly. Before our big vacation I had been at 195 dressed to fly. Booze ads pounds, even with all my hard walking. I must go sober again, just to keep the weight off. Oh well I enjoyed many good wines and a few great beers, but not worth the weight gain. Must go back to water only again.

 Our old Sebring Touring passed 190,000 miles this week. I hope it lasts to 300K, but time will tell. It is the most fun to drive car I have ever owned and it is comfy to sit in for very long drives. Since I drive it at 70 to 90 MPH, I keep the suspension and tires in good shape. 

 Other than that, more Cabana cleaning and now watching game. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Got Peed On

No idea what he is

  Saturday was sleep in and then clean the Cabana. There was an oil change for the car, which just passed 190,000 miles and some shopping also. Sure felt good to just stay home.

 We really enjoyed our Disney time and were very lucky to have very short lines and no giant mass of people to wade through. All was not rosy though, on one ride which had a bench seat, a girl lost bladder control and I was soaked. It was hard for me to nod and say it's OK after she apologized. It was my shorts and undies and I was too wet to drive home, so I walked until I was dry. I hope to forget it soon. 

 Still waiting for my helicopter ride, we seem to be playing phone tag. Hopefully I will hook up with the instructor this week. He is a busy guy with tourist flight seeing making him money.

 Enjoy the game

Friday, February 3, 2017

Army and Navy pics

  It has been a whirlwind of Disney since we got back. I am sore today and still have an afternoon and night of Hollywood and EPCOT to do. The weather and low amount of people in the parks has been wonderful. Yesterday we rode nine rides, watched the parade and still walked over five miles.

The Marines have new ' Duck Boats'
  Duck Boat tours are in many areas and use war surplus ducks. They seem to have been forgotten by the military, but now they have new bigger more powerful ones and they are armored very well also. They have a giant prop and rudder, but I did not get a pic of it. Fun to watch anyway.

M-1 Abrams Tank on a big LCU

  I was wondering around with my camera and a guy in a jeep told me I could take these pics, sure glad he told me. I had no idea they were training in the harbor and it was very fun to watch. The Army was there with modified M-1 Army tanks. They are waterproof anyway, but these had quick attach exhaust and intake air snorkels. The LCU would act like it could not make it to the beach and drop it's door. The Army tank would drive into water almost over the turret and drive out to the boat and climb aboard. Very cool indeed. This was done many times with different crews and one crew had problems and it went from bad to worse. Then I got to watch a tank tow vehicle being used. I also got to hear a lot of profanity from the LCU Captain, when they got the tank stuck on the LCU and it started listing quite a bit. There is skill involved in loading and unloading tanks. Just like on an airplane, Center of Gravity matters.

A lot of work goes into defending our freedom

  That is all for today, off to the park again. Hope you enjoyed pics.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Been No Crowds in Disney

Missile Cruiser defends aircraft carriers 
    We wasted no time after getting back to get back into my 7 to 9 mile walks inside Disney. We have been amazed at no wait for Soarin and ten minutes for Toy Story, Hollywood Hotel and Rockin Roller Coaster. Hope it stays the same for two more days.

Very fast boat used by Navy SEALS
  I was super tired when I made my last post and it shows. Not much more energy tonight, but I walked nine miles today and do feel it. We kept up walks and hikes while in California, but after 151 days being sober....I fell off the wagon in wine country. I will try to climb back on again when my head comes around.